Running the Faculty Additional Employment Payroll Report

This article covers how authorized users in a department can use the Temp Faculty module to run the Faculty Additional Employment (FAE) Payroll Report for both academic year and summer (work break) appointments.

All contracts should be approved by the college approver before running this report

Each college may handle this process differently. In some colleges, the college approver is responsible for running this report; in other colleges, the department coordinator is responsible for running it. Be sure to check with your college approver to find out what your college's business processes are.

1. Log in to PeopleSoft/CMS Human Resources.

2. Mark each appointment as Ready To Print (if not already done)

Prior to running the FAE Payroll Report, you'll want to make sure that the Ready to Print box is checked on all of the appointments. This is so a PDF of the contract is generated in a timely manner.

View instructions for Review the Appointment & Check Ready to Print Box for more on checking the ready to print box.

3. Run the FAE Payroll Report

Navigation to FAE Payroll Report

2. First time users should click Add a New Value to create a Run Control ID. Returning users should click Search to find the Run Control ID they have already created.

FAE Payroll Report Run Control
  1. First time users should click on Add a New Value and follow the instructions below to create a Run Control ID.
  2. Returning users who have already created a Run Control ID for the FAE Payroll Report should click Search.
  3. Returning users can then select the Run Control ID that they already created.
First Time Users: Creating a Run Control ID

1. Click Add a New Value.

FAE Payroll Report screen

2. Enter FAE_Payroll_Report as the name for your Run Control ID. Then click Add.

A Run Control ID is like a template for a report. It identifies the specific run control settings for a particular report or process. You must create one in order to run a report or process in PeopleSoft, but you only need to create the Run Control ID once per process/report. Once you have created a Run Control ID, you can simply re-use it each time you want to run that report/process.

Add a new value screen

Blank spaces are not allowed in the name of the Run Control ID.

Enter FAE_Payroll_Report as the name for your Run Control ID. Then click Add.

3. Enter the Job Code, Appointment Begin Date Range, Report Type, and Dept ID. Then click Run.

You cannot include both academic year and summer (work break) appointments on the same Payroll report; you will need to run separate reports if you have both types of appointments to process.

Payroll Report settings

If you are running an updated FAE Payroll Report for one or more faculty appointments, you can choose the Report by Employee Report Type and enter the Empl ID of the employee(s) whose appointment was updated.

  1. Enter the job code of the appointment(s) you want to include (2406 = academic year appt, 4660 = summer (work break) appt).
  2. Enter the Appointment Begin Date Range. This is the range of Contract Begin Dates (the first day of the pay period during which the faculty will begin work) that you want to include on the report.
  3. Select Report By Department as the Report Type.
  4. Select the Department ID you want to include on the report.
  5. Double check that the Count (number of appointments to be included on the report) is correct. If not, you will need to check that the appointments were approved by the college approver and marked as ready to print.
  6. To add another department ID to the report, click the plus sign icon to add another row and then enter the additional department ID. There will be a page break in between each department on the report.
  7. Then click Run.

4. Place a checkmark next to the type of FAE appointment(s) you are processing. Select the Type as Web and the Format as PDF. Then click OK.

Process Scheduler page
  1. Place a checkmark next to Faculty AY Pay Report for academic year appts; place a checkmark next to Faculty Summer Pay Report for summer (work break) appts.
  2. Select Web as the Type and PDF as the Format.
  3. Then click OK.

5. Now click on Report Manager.

The Process Instance number lets you know that your report was successfully submitted.

Payroll Report settings

6. Click Refresh to update the status of the report until the Status field says Posted and the hyperlink is generated. Then click on the report name to open it.

Report Manager
  1. You may need to click Refresh to update the status of your report until it is listed as Posted and the hyperlink to the report is generated.
  2. Click on the report name hyperlink to open the report.

7. The report opens in a new window/tab. Print the report, obtain the appropriate signature(s), and submit it to Payroll.

FAE Payroll Report PDF

You can use the Adobe menu options to print or download the PDF.

Print a copy of the PDF, obtain the required signature(s), and then submit the report to Payroll.

Please note that after a contract has been submitted to Payroll, it may take 7-10 days for faculty to see the new position available to enter their time worked.

Next Step

Once Payroll has received and processed the appointment, the faculty contract/appointment must be retrieved from My Workplace in Titan Online.

Need More Help?

For more information on the Faculty Additional Employment processes and whom to contact with questions about the processes, view the Faculty Additional Employment website.

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].

For technical assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected].


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