Finance Access Request Form on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

This article describes the new process of accessing and submitting the Finance Access Request Form through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Do NOT use Internet Explorer to access Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Please only use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Please note that the Access Request Form process is being transitioned from My Workplace to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). At the moment, only the Finance Access Request Form has been moved to AEM; all other Access Request Forms are still in My Workplace.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

For more detailed instructions on accessing Adobe Experience Manager, view Accessing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

AEM portal apps
  1. Enter "adobe" in the portal search box.
  2. To create a new form, click Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Portal.
  3. To view forms that require your review/approval, click Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Workflow Inbox.

2. Enter your campus username and password. Then click Sign In.

Adobe Experience Manager login screen
  1. Enter your campus username and password. This is the same information you use to log on to the campus portal.
  2. Then click Sign In.

3. Search for the Access Request Form you want to fill out. Then click on the launch button under Actions to start a new form.

Finance Access Request Form launch
  1. Enter search criteria to locate the Access Request Form you want to create (e.g., "Access Request Form" or "Finance").
  2. Click on the paper airplane launch button in the Actions column next to the Access Request Form you want to create.

4. You can now fill out the Access Request Form.

Finance Access Request Form

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