Completing a Finance Delegation of Authority Request Form

This article will explain how to complete a Finance Delegation of Authority Request (DOA) Form.

All pop up blockers must be disabled prior to accessing the form. View instructions on Turning the Pop-Up Blocker On or Off.

1. Log into the campus portal using Microsoft Edge in IE Mode or Safari. Go to My Workplace to access the Access Request Forms.

Please note that as of February 2023, Windows PC users will need to use Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode enabled to access My Workplace.

View instructions on how to enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.

2. Under IT Access Request Form, select Finance Delegation of Authority Form.  

Delegation of Authority form link in My Workplace

A. Click the IT Access Request Form hyperlink in the My Workplace navigation panel.
B. Click the Finance Delegation of Authority Form hyperlink.

3. The form will open in a new window. Enter the Employee ID (CWID).

Fields in green should be completed first. This will autopopulate other fields on the form with PeopleSoft data.

Employee ID (CWID) field

4. Tab to the next field or click another box. Additional fields on the page will autopopulate.

DOA ARF Employee Information section

The rest of the employee information will automatically fill out based on PeopleSoft records. If the autopopulated data does not reflect the employee's current appointment, you may need to wait to submit the ARF to allow for PeopleSoft records to update.

5. Identify the Account Action Request.

Account Action Request radio buttons

Choose whether the employee is a New User, Existing User, or needs their access inactivated.

User Type Definitions
Field Description
New User A user who does not currently have Finance Delegation of Authority access
Existing User A user whose Finance Delegation of Authority access needs to be modified
Inactivate A user who no longer needs their Finance Delegation of Authority access as they have changed roles within the department or have left the department or university

6. Click Go to Delegation Roles Page to specify what access should be granted or removed.

Go to Delegation Roles Page button

7. Enter the Effective Date for this authority by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the date from the calendar.

Effective Date calendar icon

Hover over the Effective Date field until you see a calendar icon. Click on the calendar icon to enter the date upon which the authority begins.

8. Indicate whether this authority is permanent or temporary by using the checkboxes. If it is temporary, enter the end date for the authority.

If you specify an end date, the authority will automatically expire on that day. No additional forms will need to be filled out to remove the authority.

Permanent and Temporary checkboxes

9. Use the checkboxes to select which roles should be added or removed. The Departments box below each selected role will become available for additional information to be provided.

If Travel Request authority is selected, you will also need to enter the maximum authorized amount.

DOA roles checkboxes

9.1. To add the appropriate departments for which access is being requested, click on the Select Division Depts button or the Select Other Division Depts button below the associated role.

Select Departments buttons

A. Click Select Division Depts to enter department information.
B. If the user has authority for departments in another division on campus, click Select Other Division Depts. (Optional)

9.2. If Select Division Depts is selected, a checklist will open. Place a checkmark next to all of the departments to which access is being requested and click OK to populate the form field.

Department checklist

9.3. If Select Other Division Depts is selected, a search field will open. Search for the departments to which access is being requested. Click Add to choose the appropriate option/s from the list. Then, click Save to populate the form field.

Department search window

A. Type the department name or ID into the search bar.
B. Click Search to bring up a list of results.
C. Click the Add button next to the department you want to list on the form field.
D. Chosen options will populate under the Selected Departments heading.
E. Click Save.

10. OPTIONAL: Enter any comments in the Comment field.

Comment field
Launch button

Click on Launch to submit. Comments entered in the Comment box will appear under the Employee Info tab upon launching the form.

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