Viewing and Managing Service Indicators (Holds)

This guide goes over how users with the appropriate security permissions can view and modify service indicators (holds).

1. Log in to the campus portal and access Student Administration (Campus Solutions) in Titan Online.

2. Click on the compass icon to open the NavBar. Then, click Menu for more options. From the Menu, select Campus Community.

NavBar menu
  1. Open the NavBar by clicking on the compass icon.
  2. Click on the Menu tile to view more options.
  3. Select Campus Community.

3. Select Service Indicators (Student).

Campus Community menu

4. Select Manage Service Indicators.

Service Indicators (Student) menu
Manage Service Indicators search page
  1. Enter the student's CWID in the Empl ID field to search by CWID.
  2. The Academic Career field defaults to Undergraduate. If you know the academic career of the student you're searching for, you may select it from the drop-down menu. If you do not, you can select the blank field.
  3. Enter the student's first and last name to search by name in case you do not have the student's CWID on hand.
  4. Click Search.

6. To view more information about or modify a service indicator, click on its code to open the Edit Service Indicator page.

Service Indicator Summary

7. Click the Release button to release the hold.

You can only release holds that were placed by departments that you have access to. For example, a user in Mechanical Engineering may be able to release a college/department advising hold, but they likely cannot remove a payment hold placed by Student Business Services.

Edit service indicator page

8. Click OK to confirm that you want to release the service indicator.

confirmation prompt

Need More Help?

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].

For technical assistance, contact the IT Helpdesk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected].


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