What Can Students Do With Titan Mobile?

This article covers the functions that are currently available for students in Titan Mobile.

A table at the top will list all of the available functions and below are screenshots showing the functionality.

Please note that the screenshots in this guide were taken on an iPhone 6 screen. Titan Mobile is responsive, so it will display differently depending on the size of your screen.

Student Center Menu Available Functions in Titan Mobile
My Personal Info Name, Emergency Contacts, Addresses, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Privacy Settings (FERPA)
My Admissions Application Status, Accept Admission, Orientation Registration, Admissions Waitlist
My Financials Student Financials Account Summary, Enroll in Payment Plan, Enroll in Direct Deposit, Make a Payment
My Financial Aid Financial Aid Account Summary, Accept Award
Search for Classes
Class Search
Holds View all holds on your account
To Do List View all to do list items
My Academics View My Course History, View Transcript, View My Advisor Notes, Academic Summary, Apply for Graduation
Enrollment Enrollment Dates/Appointment, My Class Schedule, My Weekly Schedule, Add/Drop/Edit/Swap Classes, View My Grades
My Textbooks View all available textbooks for a semester
TITAN Scheduler Access TITAN Scheduler course planner
Enroll in CSU Fully Online Enroll in CSU Fully Online
Transcript Ordering Access the transcript ordering website
TDA Access Titan Degree Audit (TDA) and Titan Degree Planner (TDP) application
Titan Mobile homepage
My Personal Info
My Personal Info screen
Names screen

Emergency Contacts

Emergency contact screen


Addresses screen

Email addresses

Email addresses screen

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers screen

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings screen
My Admissions
My Admissions screen

Application Status

Application Status screen

You can also scroll down this page to accept/decline your admission.

Accept Admission

Accept Admission screen

Orientation Registration

Orientation Registration screen

Admissions Waitlist

Admissions Waitlist screen

Early Start Smart Page

Early Start Smart Page screen

Be sure to scroll down to review all of your selections on this screen before tapping Confirm Early Start Selection(s).

My Financials
My Financials screen

Student Financials Account Summary

Student Financials Account Summary screen

At the bottom of the screen, you can jump to your Financial Aid summary, your anticipated financial aid, or make a payment.

Enroll in Payment Plan

Screenshot coming soon!

Enroll in Direct Deposit

Enroll in Direct Deposit screen

Make a Payment

Make a Payment screen

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to go to CSUF CashNet to make a payment or cancel/go back.

My Financial Aid
My Financial Aid screen

Financial Aid Account Summary

Financial Aid Account Summary screen

Tap on a year to access your financial aid information for that year.

Details about your financial aid will show.

Financial Aid Details screen

You can jump back to your Financial Aid Summary page or to the Accept/Decline Awards screen using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Accept Award

Accept Award screen

Select the year.

For each award, you can choose to accept or decline.

Accept or decline awards screen
Search for Classes
Search for Classes screen

You have access to all of the same search filters as with the desktop version of the course search. Be sure to keep scrolling to view all of the available filters.

Holds screen

You can tap on a hold to view more details.

Details about the hold and what you need to do to remove it are listed.

Hold details screen
To Do List
To Do List screen

You can tap on hyperlinks in the To Do Items to find out more and/or to complete them.

My Academics
My Academics screen

View My Course History

View My Course History screen

View Transcript

View Transcript screen

View My Advisor Notes

View My Advisor Notes screen

Academic Summary

Academic Summary screen

Scroll down this page to view your Expected Grad Term. At the bottom of the screen are buttons to access Requirement (Catalog) Term Info, Expected Grad Term Info, and Graduation Status Information.

Apply for Graduation

Apply for Graduation screen
Enrollment screen

Enrollment Dates

Enrollment Dates screen

My Class Schedule

My Class Schedule screen

My Weekly Schedule

My Weekly Schedule screen

Enrollment: Add Classes

Enrollment: Add Classes screen

Notice you can add courses by class number, class search, or from My Planner (TITAN Scheduler).

Enrollment: Drop Classes

Enrollment: Drop Classes screen

Enrollment: Edit a Class

Enrollment: Edit a Class screen

Enrollment: Swap Classes

Enrollment: Swap Classes screen

View My Grades

View My Grades screen

Select a semester.

Scroll down to view your grades for the selected semester.

Semester grade details screen
My Textbooks
My Textbooks screen

Tap a semester.

Tap Show My Textbooks to go to the Titan Bookstore website.

Textbook landing page
TITAN Scheduler
TITAN Scheduler screen

Tap Open TITAN Scheduler to access the TITAN Scheduler website.

Enroll in CSU Fully Online

Enrollment in CSU Fully Online is only open during select registration times.

Enroll in CSU Fully Online screen

Select a term and then tap Continue to enroll in CSU Fully Online.

Transcript Ordering
Transcript Ordering screen

When you tap the Transcript Ordering icon, you will be taken to the National Student Clearinghouse website for transcript ordering services.

TDA screen

When you tap on the TDA icon, you will be taken to the Titan Degree Audit/Titan Degree Planner application.

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888 for additional assistance or with any issues.

For faster resolution of your issue, please provide:

  • Your CWID
  • the NAME of the DEVICE


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