Reviewing Degrees

This tutorial will be most helpful for departments that made changes (adding/removing courses, reorganizing study plans, changing/editing program descriptions, etc.) to their degrees since the 2023-2024 catalog was published last April. If your department did not make any changes to their study plans over the last year, they will remain as is.

Log in to the Acalog Publisher

For best practices, use the Firefox or Chrome browser:

Select the Catalog

Click the pull-down menu

Select 2024-2025 working catalog and click Go

Find Your Degree(s)

Click Catalog Preview tab

Click Preview next to 2023-2024 working catalog

A new window will appear, showing a preview of the working catalog homepage

Scroll down the gateway on the left and click your college

On your college home page, you will see a list of the departments and all degree programs for each. Find the program(s) that you would like to review and click it. Remember, you only need to review the programs for which changes were made and approved since the last published catalog.

Reviewing Your Degree(s)

Review your degrees from here. Please keep the following in mind:

  • DO NOT print the programs (this defeats the purpose of saving paper).
  • Only program change requests (adding/removing courses, reorganizing study plans, etc.) that were approved up to the dean's level by Dec. 21, 2023, are and will be (for last-minute approvals) reflected in the 2024-2025 catalog.
  • If any approved changes were omitted, or if you spot any typos, we suggest copying the section(s) in question to a Word document (or email, if minimal) and using track changes or other kind of highlight to indicate the change(s).
  • You can also reference the Curriculog proposal number in your Comments; go to the Curriculog site, locate the approved program change form and copy the four- or five-digit number from the URL.
  • Submit your changes to your dean's office or designee, for return to Academic Programs


Contact Gail Matsunaga: x4095; or [email protected]