Viewing and Printing Class Rosters

This guide focuses on how faculty and staff can access and print class rosters in Student Administration.

Viewing a Class Roster

I am administrative faculty/staff and want to view class rosters.

If you need this access but don't have it, submit a Campus Solutions Access Request Form. View instructions on completing a Campus Solutions Access Request Form.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access Student Admin.

2. Access Curriculum Management.

Student Admin Navigator

A. Click the compass icon to open the navigation bar.
B. Click Menu.
C. Click Curriculum Management.

Curriculum Management options

4. Click on Class Roster.

Class Roster link

5. Enter the course information by using the magnifying glass icon to select options or by directly typing the information into the text fields if known.

If you also enter the class number and/or class section, you will be taken directly to the roster for that particular class.

Class Roster search fields

A. The Academic Institution will default to FLCMP. Do not change this.
B. Term must be entered as its corresponding four-digit code. This number will be comprised of the number 2, then the last two digits of the semester year, and either a 1 (signifying intersession), 3 (spring), 5 (summer), or 7 (fall).
C. Enter the Subject Area (e.g. ART, CHEM, ENGL, etc.).
D. Enter the Catalog Number (e.g. 101, 301A, 599, etc.)
E. Click Search.

5.1. If more than one search result appears, click on the class you wish to view.

Class Roster search results

6. View the class roster of your selected class.

Class roster of CHEM 301A-01

A. The Enrollment Status drop-down box can be changed to view students that are Enrolled, have Dropped the class, are Waiting on the waitlist, or All students associated with a class.
B. The headers can be clicked to sort their associated column from ascending to descending order.

I'm a faculty member and want to view rosters of classes that I teach.

Printing a Class Roster

Downloading and printing file

1. Click on the spreadsheet icon to download the roster as an Excel file (.xls).

Spreadsheet icon

2. Open the file in Excel and print.

Print in Excel

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.


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