How Do I Find My CHRS ID?

This article covers how to find your CHRS ID (Empl ID). There are several places in Employee Self Service (Employee Homepage) where your Empl ID (CHRS ID) is displayed. These instructions show just one way to locate it.

Empl ID (Employee ID) in CHRS uses the CHRS ID for an employee, which is a specific ID used only for HR/employment records. Empl ID is NOT your Campus-Wide ID (CWID) in CHRS.

1. Log in to the campus portal and click on the Employee Homepage in the Titan Online widget.

Employee Homepage button on campus portal

2. Click on CSU Personal Details.

Employee Self Service homepage

3. Click on CSU Paycheck Designee. Your CHRS ID is displayed at the top of the form.

You may see your CHRS ID displayed as your Empl ID elsewhere in CHRS.

CSU Paycheck Designee with CHRS ID highlighted

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