Accessing Admissions Inquiry

This guide shows how to navigate to the Admissions Inquiry page where staff and faculty with the appropriate access can view applicant information.

If you need this access but don't currently have it, submit a Campus Solutions Access Request Form. View instructions on completing a Campus Solutions Access Request Form.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access Student Administration (Campus Solutions) in Titan Online.

2. Click on the compass icon to open the NavBar. Then, click Menu for more options. From the Menu, select CSU SA Baseline.

Student Admin NavBar
  1. Open the NavBar by clicking on the compass icon.
  2. Click on the Menu tile to view more options.
  3. Select CSU SA Baseline.

3. Select CSU Admissions from the CSU SA Baseline menu.

CSU SA Baseline menu

4. Select Admissions Inquiry from the CSU Admissions menu.

CSU Admissions menu

5. Select Inquire from the Admissions Inquiry menu.

Admissions Inquiry menu

6. Select Admissions Inquiry from the Inquire menu.

Inquire menu

7. On the CSU Admissions Inquiry page, you can enter search criteria to view applicant information.

CSU Admissions Inquiry search

Need More Help?

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].  

For technical assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected].


jose polanco

need help with admission.

Camille Johnson

Hi Jose! This article is geared toward employees. For students, you can check out the Student Homepage guides, which include topics like how to accept admission and how to check your task list:

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Office of Admissions ( at [email protected] or (657) 278-3100.

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