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How Do Faculty Indicate a Concurrent Position at Another CSU Campus?

This article covers how faculty, teaching associates, graduate students, and instructional student assistants can specify that they have or will have another position at another CSU campus during their current appointment at CSU Fullerton.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access your Employee Homepage in the Titan Online widget.

2. Click on CSU TAE Appt Notice on the Employee Self Service homepage.

3. Place a checkmark next to "Are you employed or do you plan to be concurrently employed in any other capacity at a CSU campus during the period of this appointment?"

4. Start by clicking the magnifying glass button next to CSU Campus.

5. Select the CSU campus where you are/will be also employed.

Only CSU campuses that have moved to CHRS will be listed. If you are employed at a CSU campus that is not on CHRS/is not in this list, select FLCMP/CSU Fullerton for now. Then you'll add a comment to indicate at which campus you are employed.

6. Click on the magnifying glass button next to Dept ID.

7. Enter search criteria and then click Look Up to search for a department. Then select your department.

You may find it useful to search by Description and use the "contains" option.

8. Enter your job title at the other CSU campus. Then click on the magnifying glass button next to WTU/Hour.

9. Select your Total WTU/Pay Decimal from the list. You can also use the search fields to locate a valid WTU/Pay Decimal.

10. Enter the Expected Start Date and Term End Date for the position at the other CSU campus. If you need to add additional positions at another CSU campus, click on the plus sign button.

11. Enter any comments about the position. If you were not able to select your campus in CSU Campus, type in the campus name here. Then click Save.

12. You will see a spinning icon at the top right of the screen which means the system is saving your information.

13. Once the spinning icon disappears, your additional CSU campus employment is saved. You're done!

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