Reporting No Leave Taken (NLT)

This article covers how employees can report that they did not have any absences during a pay period or No Leave Taken (NLT).

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1. Log in to the campus portal and select Employee Homepage.

2. Click CSU Time.

CSU Time

3. Select CSU Report No Leave Taken.

Employee Self Service menu

4. Double check the Pay Begin/End Dates are correct. Then click Submit.

View the Payroll Pay Calendars for the begin/end dates for each pay period.

No Leave Taken screen
  1. Double check that the Pay Begin Date and Pay End Date are correct.
  2. You will see your Absence and No Leave Taken history for the last few months. This can help you determine if you have already submitted an absence for the pay period; if so, you do not need to submit a No Leave Taken entry.
  3. Then click Submit.

5. You will see a confirmation that your submission was successful.

submission successful

6. You will also receive an email confirmation that your No Leave Taken request was submitted.

NLT submitted

Need More Help?

For questions about your specific entries or reporting requirements for your position, contact your department timekeeper or Payroll at 657-278-2521 or [email protected].

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].

For technical assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected].


Troy Youngman

How can I delete a NO LEAVE TAKING Entry? I made a mistake by entering No Leave Taking

Lori Arthur

Hi Troy! Unfortunately, I don't believe you can cancel the entry. You will need to ask your manager to mark it as "needs correction" which will mark it as "denied" which is essentially the same as being cancelled. (Although you will be able to re-submit the No Leave Taken entry at the end of this month if you don't have any absences.) Here is where your manager would go to review your No Leave Taken entry:

Cynthia King

It isn't giving me an option for calendar dates for June to enter "no leave taken." I was told today that it needed to be done by today for June. I tried at 5:30 pm, so I'm guessing maybe there was a 5PM cutoff. If not, I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. If it "closed" at 5PM, how do I submit a late report?

Lori Arthur

Hi Cynthia! I don't think there was an early cutoff for the no leave taken (or absences) for June. I'm able to get to the No Leave Taken page today, although it took a long time to load; you may see a blank screen for up to 5 minutes before the page loads. Would you please give it a try again? You should have until July 5th to submit entries, although sooner is better since technically the entry has to be approved by your manager by July 5th. If the page doesn't load, please reach out to your department timekeeper or to Payroll at [email protected].

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