Viewing Leave Balances and Accrual Rates

This article covers how employees can view their leave balances and leave accrual rates.

Viewing your available leave balances can help you track your available sick leave, vacation leave, personal holiday, compensatory time, and state service.

The Graduated Vacation Chart shows how much leave you accrue each month based on your years of service.

1. Log in to the campus portal and select Employee Homepage.

2. Click CSU Time.

3. Select CSU Employee Balance Inquiry.

4. Click on a tab to view information on that leave type or click Show all columns to view all available leave types on the same screen.

The Employee Balance Inquiry screen appears. Click on a tab or click the Show all columns icon to view all tabs on a single screen.

  1. Absence Balances tab
    • Sick, Vacation, and Personal Holiday
  2. Compensatory Time tab
    • CTO, Holiday Credit, Holiday CTO, Excess, and ADO balances
  3. Service Accrual tab
    • Service Accrual, Service Accrual Carryover, Sick Carryover, Vacation Carryover, and Service Accrual Carryover FTE
  4. PTO Balances tab
    • PTO Balances
  5. ETO Balances tab
    • ETO Balances
  6. Show all columns
    • View all of the tabs on a single screen

5. Click Details to view additional details on your balances.

Note that when CHRS first goes live, there will only be a lump sum number marked as "conversion" but as time goes on and you accrue more leave credits/state service, those accruals will appear as individual rows in this view.

  1. Click on a link in the Absences and State Service section to view details of absence leave types such as Vacation, Sick, Personal Holiday, and Vacation SS.
  2. Click on a link in the Compensatory Time section to view details of compensatory time such as CTO, Holiday CTO, and ADO.
  3. Details of your selected balance type will appear in the table.
  4. Click Return to Summary to go back to the previous page.

6. Click Graduated Vacation Chart to view the leave accrual rates based on years of service.  

6.1. Review the chart. Click the x at the top right of the chart or click Return at the bottom left to close the chart.

The Graduated Vacation Chart shows vacation accrual rates based on state service months and the maximum vacation and CTO credits based on bargaining unit.

Need More Help?

For questions about your specific entries or reporting requirements for your position, contact your department timekeeper or Payroll at 657-278-2521 or [email protected].

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].

For technical assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected].


Gennie Hardy

As a manager, how do I look up my staff balances?

Camille Johnson

Hi Gennie! To view leave balances for employees that report to you, you can use the Manager Balance Inquiry. You can view the Manager: Running Absence Management Reports guide for instructions on accessing and using that function at:

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