New Course Proposal

This article...

1. Start a New Course Proposal

2. Fill in the information for the new course

Any Title with * at the end is a required field.  You will not be able to validate and launch the proposal if left blank.

If you do not know the staffing formula please talk to your Department Chair.  A reference of formulas can be found here.

If the course was offered previously as a special, please enter the term(s) it was offered.  The Course ID is 6 digits long and is not referencing the Class number.

Validating and Launching

Validate by Clicking on Validate and Launch below. If an error occurs click on "Show me" to view the missing field.

Selecting Decisions will display your choices for the proposal. Select the radio button from the choices displayed. Finalize your decision by selecting Make My Decision. As an option you can decide whether or not you wish to leave a comment. If you wish to leave a comment, please write in the field before selecting Make My Decision.

You have now launched a new course proposal.


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