GE Course Change Form

This Article...

1. Start a GE Course Change Form

2. Import course data from current University Catalog


If the course that is being proposed has a cross-listing with another Department, click on the cross-listing icon.

When you click on step 3 from above, a duplicate proposal will appear with the texts filled in.  To check that you are in the cross-listed course below (1) shows the icon of the cross-listing and you are currently in the cross-listed proposal. (2) Select/type the College of the cross-listed course. (3) Select/type the Department of the cross-listed course. (4) Select/type the Prefix of the cross-listed course.

Once you have completed both forms (the original and cross-listed) you will need to validate and launch the form including making a decision for both forms. If there are any missing fields an error will display.  Click show me to view the missing fields.

Important Items

Please remember to select two Learning Goals for the GE Course. In addition to the objectives, it is recommended to have the GE course listed as "Letter Grade Only:

If the GE Course you are wanting to propose for GE was recently approved as a New Course, Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Please remember to upload a current Syllabus

Please remember to approve as the Originator after validating and launch

*If the proposals are cross-listed, please remember to approve as the Originator on the cross-listed proposal after validating and launch