Appointing a Student Assistant to a Concurrent Job

This guide goes over the process of hiring a student assistant into your department when that student is concurrently employed by another department on campus.

CSU Student Hire is only used if you are appointing a student that is new to your department but already has another ongoing stateside position in another campus department.

To hire a new student assistant that is brand new (i.e. no other active stateside employment on campus), you must go through the CHRS Recruiting hiring process. Refer to the Student Recruitment Guides on HRDI's Recruiting user guides page for more information.

Before entering anything into CSU Student Hire, make sure that you've completed all the steps listed in the Before Entering an Appointment or Pay Change in CSU Student Processes checklist.

1. Verify that the student has an active stateside job.

To confirm that a student has a current stateside work appointment, contact Student Employment to request information about the student's work history.

2. Log in to CHRS and access CSU Student Processes under Workforce Administration in the NavBar Menu.

3. Select CSU Student Hire.

CSU Student Processes menu

You can click the magnifying glass icons to look up a user's CS Emplid (CWID).

If you select Search for Elig Students in the Eligible Students drop-down menu, the system will filter out students that do not meet the conditions for employment (e.g. not enrolled, not in good academic standing, etc.) Select Search for All Students to view all student records matching the search criteria that you enter.

Student Employee Search screen
  1. Search for a student using their CS Emplid (CWID).
  2. Search for a student by name.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select if you want to search for all students or only eligible students.
  4. Click the Student Employee Search button.

5. If multiple results appear, click Select to choose a student from the list.

If the search returns only one result, the Student Job Summary page opens. Otherwise, click the Select button to open the page as illustrated in the next step.

Student Search Results

6. Click Add Student Concurrent Job.

Student Job Summary page with action buttonsnt

7. Enter the appointment Effective Date. Click the Action/Reason magnifying glass and select CON. Click the Position Number magnifying glass to select a position number. Enter the Hourly Rate. Enter the Expected End Date of the appointment. Click Save.

Student assistants should be hired for the full academic year unless otherwise advised by HRDI.

If you enter an invalid value, you will see an error message explaining the problem (e.g. empty field, hourly rate too low/high.) You will not be able to save the job until the error is fixed.

Add Concurrent Job screen
  1. Enter the effective date of the appointment. You can either type one in (MM/DD/YYYY) or click the calendar icon to select a date.
  2. Click the magnifying glass and select CON as the Action/Reason. Do not change this value.
  3. Click the magnifying glass to select a position number. You will automatically see the valid position numbers for your department. If you handle multiple departments, you can search by position number, description, department, or position job code to filter the results.
  4. Enter the hourly rate.
  5. Enter the expected end date of the appointment. You can either type one in (MM/DD/YYYY) or click the calendar icon to select a date.
  6. Click Save to submit the job.

8. You will be taken to the Student Saved Successfully screen. You can click Return to Job Summary Page With This EMPLID to view the student's job summary.

Student Saved Successfully screen

9. The appointment that you entered will be listed in the Student Job Summary.

If the effective date of the job is in the future, the appointment will be listed under Student Future Job. If the effective date is today or prior, the appointment will be under Student Current Job.

Student Job Summary screen with newly added appointment

10. When the concurrent appointment has been entered into CHRS, the system will process the appointment overnight. The student can begin work the next day, or on the effective date if the appointment was entered for a future job. Inform the student of their start date and work location.

Need More Help?

Student Assistant Employment webpage

For business process assistance, contact Student Employment at [email protected].

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].

For technical assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected].


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