Viewing and Modifying a Plan

This article covers how faculty, staff, and students can view and modify a Titan Degree Plan (TDP) for a student.

NOTE: Faculty and staff need to request access to run TDPs; visit this site to learn more about the Campus Solutions Access Request Form.

The TDP automatically creates a plan for all students with their current major. When a major is changed, a new plan will be created with the new major once the change of major has been processed.

1. Click Plan to access the Titan Degree Planner.

TDA homepage

For more detail on how to access the Titan Degree Planner, view the Accessing Titan Degree Planner article.

2. Open your plan by clicking on Titan Degree Plan or selecting Edit Plan from the Action menu. Or click the PDF button to download a PDF copy of your current plan.

open plan
  1. Click on Titan Degree Plan to view/modify your plan.
  2. Or click on the drop-down menu under Action.
  3. And then select Edit Plan.
  4. Click on the PDF button to download a PDF of your current plan.

Be patient! It may take a minute to open your plan, especially if this is the first time you are accessing it.

TDP info

4. Scroll down to view your audit and view your outstanding requirements.

Titan Degree Plan

View the audit on the left to look for requirements that are missing. To understand the icons you see in the audit, view the legend at the bottom left of the page (duplicated in the image below).

Titan Degree Planner Audit Legend
Adding Courses to Your Plan

There are two ways to add courses to your plan: you can drag courses from the audit to the plan OR click the Add Course button in a semester.

1. Drag a course from the audit on the left to a semester on the right.

animation of dragging course from audit to plan

2. Or click on Add Course in the semester on the right.

Titan Degree Plan with Fall 2020 expanded

2.1. Enter the department code for the course you want to add.

add course - department code

As you start typing, suggestions will pop up and you can select one.

2.2. Start to enter the course number to view available courses and then select a course.

Course numbers in TDP begin with a dash (-) which is automatically added when you look up courses to add to your plan. However, if you backspace in that field it's possible to remove the dash.

Remember to re-add the dash when looking up course numbers if you accidentally remove it!

add course - course number

2.3. Click OK to add the course to your plan.

add course - save

The course is now added to your plan.

Adding Course Placeholders to Your Plan

If you're not sure of which course you want to take, but you know which requirement that you want to fulfill, you can add a placeholder for that requirement to your plan. This can serve as a reminder to you to pick a course that meets that requirement.

1. Click Add Message in a semester on your plan.

Titan Degree Plan with Fall 2020 expanded

2. Choose the requirement that you want to meet and then click Add Message.

add message to term

The course placeholder for that requirement will now appear in that semester.

Removing Courses from Your Plan

1. Click on the Edit icon in the semester where the course appears.

edit courses for a semester

2. Place a checkmark next to the course(s) you want to remove. Then click Delete.

delete course
  1. Place a checkmark to each course you want to remove.
  2. Click Delete.

3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the course(s).

confirm delete

The course is now removed from the semester.

Moving Courses to Another Semester on Your Plan

You can easily move courses from one semester to another by dragging and dropping them.

1. Drag a course from its current semester to another semester.

animation of dragging a course from one semester to another

The course now appears in the semester that you moved it to.

Adding Additional Semesters to Your Plan

1. Click the plus sign at the top of the plan on the right.

add semester

2. Select the semester/year that you want to add to your plan. Then click OK.

add term

The additional semester will now show up on your plan.

Removing Semesters from Your Plan

If you don't plan on taking courses during a particular semester (for example during Winter or Summer), you can remove the semester from your plan.

Removing a semester will delete the semester and all courses in it.

1. Click the trash icon next to the semester you want to delete.

delete semester

2. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the semester.

confirm delete

The semester is now removed from your plan.

Removing All Courses from Your Plan

This will remove ALL courses from your plan. This is best used if you want to completely start over with your plan.

1. Click on the minus sign icon at the top right of the plan.

remove all courses

2. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete ALL courses from your plan.

confirm delete all courses

All of your courses will be deleted, but the semesters should still be present. You can now add new courses to your plan.

Validating Your Plan

Validating your plan allows you to check which audit requirements have been met and which are still remaining.

It is highly recommended that you meet with an advisor to approve your plan and ensure that you are not missing any requirements.

1. Click the checkmark at the top of the plan.

validate plan

Be patient! This may take a few minutes.

2. Your audit will now be updated to show courses that have been planned.

courses show as planned on audit

Need More Help?

For technical issues with the Titan Degree Planner, contact [email protected].

If you want assistance in creating a plan, contact the Academic Advisement Center or your major department's advising center.


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