What is Titan Degree Planner?

This article defines what the Titan Degree Planner is and how it can benefit students in their course degree planning.

The Titan Degree Planner (TDP) is to be used for planning purposes only. This tool does not guarantee course availability and is not part of your course registration. TDP allows you to draft a plan for future semesters based on your Titan Degree Audit (TDA), which is your official record to confirm completion of degree requirements. Plans can be created on your own, but work best when created with the help of an advisor.

The Titan Degree Planner (TDP) helps students plan their courses for upcoming semesters against the degree requirements. It shows an audit view of the degree requirements on the left, which includes completed coursework at CSUF, transfer courses, and courses in progress. On the right, students can add courses to upcoming semesters creating a term by term plan. After validating the plan, students will see how their planned courses check against the Degree Audit. In this way, students can track their progress towards degree completion and ensure that there are no missing courses. This can help students avoid taking unnecessary classes, which can save tuition money.

TDP saves the term-by-term plan in real-time, and can be accessed online anytime/anywhere, eliminating the need for paper copies. Course descriptions pop-up over each listed course, so it is also a supplemental catalog for convenience.

It is also a communication tool with the Advisor so the student can demonstrate their school goals in their next advising session and discuss a plan to reach their short and long-term goals.

The TDP is available for all currently enrolled undergraduate students and new applicants. It is not available for graduate students at this time.

Current students can use the TDP on a regular basis to create a term-by-term plan for the courses that they want to take to ensure they have taken all degree requirements.

Need More Help?

For technical issues with the Titan Degree Planner, contact the Registration & Records Help Desk.

If you want assistance in creating a plan, contact the Academic Advisement Center or your major department's advising center.


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