Adding a Calendar Event Checklist

This article contains a streamlined checklist for users to follow to add a calendar event in 25Live.

1.2. Click on Create an Event.

You can also click on Event Form at the top of the screen to create a new event.

25Live homepage

2.1. Enter the basic event information.

Basic Event Info
  1. Event Name = 40 characters
  2. Event Title for Published Calendars = 120 characters
  3. Event Type = Calendar - Announcements
  4. Sponsoring Organization for this Event = department, club, or campus organization who is putting on the event
  5. Additional Organizations = any additional departments, clubs, or campus organizations that are associated with the event

2.2. Enter the Event Description.

Remember that header images and thumbnail images for your event are now added using the Custom Attributes instead of Event Description.

Event description

Remember that for accessibility:

  • Use the Insert > Link function to generate an accessible hyperlink (e.g., CSUF website rather than
  • Use the Insert > Image function to insert an image and add the required alt text for the image (80 characters max) (e.g., CSUF Logo)

Need more help with accessibility? View 508 Tips for Content Editors.

Images in the Event Description should not be more than 1000px wide for it to display correctly on the campus calendar.

2.3. Enter the event date and time details. Then click Next.

When event takes place
  1. Select the date of the event. For repeating events, this will be the first occurrence of the event.
  2. Select the start and end time.
  3. Use the checkbox to indicate if this is a multi-day event.
  4. Check the Duration to ensure that you have correctly input the date(s) and times for the event.

2.4. If your event repeats, click on Repeating Pattern to choose the repeat type or double click on a date in the calendar to set the specific occurrences.

repeating pattern
  1. Click Repeating Pattern to choose from standard repeat patterns (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly).
  2. Or use the calendar to select the specific dates that the event repeats.

2.5. Select the resource (calendar) where you want to add this event. Then click Next.

To avoid your event showing up multiple times on the campus calendar, do NOT choose more than one resource (calendar) for your event. If you need an event to show up on multiple calendars, please contact [email protected] to ensure the calendars are set up to avoid the event showing up twice.

Resources page

2.6. Add the relevant Categories for your event.

categories for event

2.7. Add the relevant Custom Attributes for your event.

Remember that the main images for your event should be added here.

Detail Image = thumbnail image on main campus calendar screen; maximum size is 80px x 80px

Event Image = header image on event detail screen; maximum width is 1000px

The URL must not be longer than 80 characters total.

custom attributes for event

2.8. Review the details of your event. Select either Tentative or Confirmed as the Event State. Then click Save.

Verify event state
  1. Choose Tentative as the Event State if you are not ready to publish the event on the calendar. Choose Confirmed as the Event State if you are ready to publish the event on the calendar.
  2. Click Save.

2.9. If you saved your event as Confirmed, the event will show up on the calendar within 15-20 minutes. You're done!

event published on campus calendar

3.1. Log in to 25Live, locate the event that you want to publish, and then click on it to open it.

25Live homepage

There are several places where you can look up an event in 25Live:

  1. Use the Search Events box in the Quick Search.
  2. If you have created and starred an event search for your calendar(s), you can access it under Your Starred Event Searches.
  3. Your Upcoming Events will have access to all of the events that you have scheduled and/or requested.
  4. Your Starred Events will show any events that you starred.
  5. Click Go to Search for more search options.

3.2. Click on the Event State and select Confirmed.

Event info page
  1. In the Details tab, click on Tentative in the Event State field.
  2. Select Confirmed.

3.3. The Event State is now Confirmed.

Event state updated

3.4. The event should show up automatically on the selected calendar within about 15-20 minutes. You're done!

event published on campus calendar

Need More Help?

Please contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777 for additional assistance with 25Live.

You are done. Great job!


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