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Starring Events, Locations, Resources, & Organizations

This article covers how users can add events, locations, resources, and organizations in 25Live as favorites by starring them. This will add the item to your 25Live dashboard as well as move the resource to the top of any drop-down menu in 25Live that uses that item.

This guide shows just one way to star items. Any time you see a star icon next to an event, location, resource, or organization, you can click on the star to add it to your starred items.

2. Click Go to Search.

navigation for Express and Pro

3. Select a search type from the Select Object drop-down menu.

select object

Select what you would like to search for: events, locations, organizations, or resources.

Basic searches should be sufficient to find the event, location, resource, or organization that you are looking for but you can also view the article on searching for events, locations, and organizations to learn about advanced searches.

search criteria
  1. Enter search criteria.
  2. Then click Search.

5. Click the star next to the event, location, resource, or organization that you want to add to your favorites.

search results

6. The item will now show up in the Your Starred searches, at the top of drop-down menus, and as a starred item on your 25Live Pro dashboard.

To remove a starred item, simply click on the star icon next to the item.

Your Starred Events search
Sponsoring Organization for this Event
25Live Dashboard starred events, locations, resources

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