Purchase Requisition Lifecycle Overview

This article is an overview of the purchase requisition life cycle from requisition to purchase order to invoice.


The Requisition Data Entry page provides a tool for identified CSUF employees to enter requisitions directly into CFS. It is designed to automate and standardize the requisition process across the entire campus. Once the requisition has been created it must be approved by the appropriate authority.  A copy of the requisition (before approved) can be printed and routed through appropriate channels, if additional approvals are needed. Once the requisition has been approved, Contracts and Procurement will convert the requisition into a purchase order. Funds are pre-encumbered once the requisition is approved and budget checked in the system.

CFS Purchase Requisition Lifecycle Overview
  1. Purchase requisition is created in CFS by Requester and Requester generates a PDF copy of the purchase requisition which is then sent to the Approver.
  2. Approver reviews the purchase requisition. If not approved, Approver notifies Requester of necessary changes.Tthe Requester makes the changes to the purchase requisition and generates an updated PDF copy of the requisition and sends it to the Approver.
  3. The Approver approves the requisition in CFS.
  4. If IT-related/electronic purchase, IT department will review and approve. View IT Purchasing website for more information.
  5. Contracts & Procurement receives the purchase requisition and assigns a Buyer. If the purchase requisition cannot be processed, the Requester is notified and the requisition is canceled. If it can be processed, the Buyer reviews the requisition, confirms pricing, and obtains additional quotes from other vendors. The Buyer generates the purchase order.
  6. The Buyer sends the purchase order to vendor via email, mail, or fax.
  7. If applicable, the goods are delivered to Shipping & Receiving; Shipping & Receiving delivers to Requester (or specified delivery site).
  8. Vendor submits invoice to Accounts Payable, who send the invoice to the department for approval.
  9. The department approves the invoices with a signature and adds the Purchase Order number on the invoice before sending it back to Accounts Payable.
  10. Invoice is paid by Accounts Payable.

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Technical issue with CFS? Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.

Questions about how to do something in CFS? Contact IT Training at [email protected] or 657-278-5647.

Questions about procurement policies or status of a requisition/purchase order? Contact Procurement at [email protected].


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