Changing a Purchase Order

The process to submit a change order to Contracts and Procurement involves submitting a requisition using the CFS requisition submission process and using the following steps to identify the requisition as a change order and not a request for a new purchase order.

These instructions assume that you already know how to create a purchase requisition.

You may want to have a copy of the original purchase requisition to refer to while filling out the change order.

1. Log in to CFS from Titan Online on the campus portal.

2. Click on the CFS End User navigation tile.

If you have added Add/Update Requisitions as a navigation tile to your personal CFS homepage, you can just click on the tile on your homepage. You can view instructions on adding a navigation tile for more information.

CFS homepage
  1. Click on the CFS End User tile.
  2. Or you click on the NavBar icon to navigate to NavBar > Navigator > Purchasing > Requisitions > Add/Update Requisitions.

3. Select Requisition & Purchase Order and then click Add/Update Requisitions.

CFS End User Menu

4. Click the Add button.

Do not change the Requisition ID from NEXT.

Add a new value

5. In the Requisition Name, enter "Change Order – PO#xxxxxxxxxx" with the PO number you want to modify.

Type requisition name

In the Requisition Name, enter "Change Order – PO#xxxxxxxxxx" where the x's are replaced by the Purchase Order ID number that you want to modify.

6. Click on the Display Description icon to show all of the available space for the Description field.

Open description display

7. Enter the change order information again, along with a reason for the change, and any comments. Then click Return.

add change order info
  1. Repeat the same "Change Order – PO#xxxxxxxxxx" from step 4 where the x's are the Purchase Order ID number you want to modify.
  2. Enter the modification you want to make/reason for the change.
  3. Add any additional comments or notes you have for the change.
  4. Click Return.

Sample Descriptions

  • Change Order  PO# 0000012345
    • Decrease Line No. 2 by $500.00
    • (Proposal Attached)
  • Change Order  PO# 0000012345
    • Revise ChartFields to: 613001-THEFD-10125
  • Change Order  PO# 0000012345
    • Reduce PO to invoiced amount and close
  • Change Order  PO# 0000012345
    • Revise PO due date to: 11/25/2017
  • Change Order  PO# 0000012345
    • Increase license by 10 users
    • (Quote attached)
  • Change Order PO# 0000012345
    • Close purchase order; set all lines to zero balance

8. Click Add Comments.

Add a comment

9. Add any comments about your change order.

Enter comments

Enter other details for the change order or just put “see attached proposal."

10. Use the Attach button to attach an updated proposal or quote (if applicable). Then click OK.

Attach updated quote

If you have to attach multiple documents, you can combine them into a single file by:

  • Add the PDFs to a .zip archive
  • Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to combine the PDFs into a single PDF
  • Print out all of the documents and use your department copier to scan them into a single PDF
  1. Click Attach, select the file you want to attach, and then click Upload File.
  2. Click OK once the file is attached.

11. Enter the Quantity as 1 and LOT as the UOM. For Price: if increase of funds is not needed enter 0.01; if increase of funds are needed, enter exact dollar amount). Enter the same Category and Supplier that were used on the original purchase requisition.

Fill out line info
  1. Enter 1 as the Quantity.
  2. Enter LOT as the Unit of Measure (UOM).
  3. Enter the same Category code that was used on the original purchase requisition.
  4. Enter the 0.01 only if the desired Change Order is not intended to add funds (ex. Change in Due Date, Edit of Scope of Work or reduction of funds). If the desired Change Order requires an increase in funds indicate the exact dollar amount of increase.
  5. Enter the same Supplier ID that was used on the original purchase requisition.

12. Click on the Schedule icon at the end of the Line.

Schedule icon

13. Click on the Distribution icon.

Distribution icon

14. Enter the chartfield associated with the change order. Then click OK.

Distribution screen

If the change order is to modify the chartfield, you should enter the new chartfield you want to be used for the purchase order.

If the change order does not involve changing the chartfield, you should enter the same chartfield that was entered on the original purchase requisition.

Then click OK.

15. Click Return to Main Page.

Return to main page

16. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Save button

17. Use the Print Requisition process to generate a PDF of the change order and send it to the appropriate approver to approve.

Need More Help?

Questions about how to do something in CFS? Contact IT Training at [email protected] or 657-278-5647.

Questions about procurement policies or status of a requisition/purchase order? Contact Procurement at [email protected].