Copying an Existing Requisition

This article covers how users can copy data from an existing purchase requisition into a new requisition. This can be useful for repeat purchases, especially those that are typically entered at the beginning of each fiscal year.

You can copy any purchase requisition, including ones created by someone else in your department and ones that have been canceled.

Before Getting Started

Before you start this process, you will want to know the Requisition ID of the purchase requisition that you want to copy. There are a number of places where you can look up a Requisition ID, including in CFS.

The easiest place to find a Requisition ID is the Requisitions Report on the Purchasing dashboard in Data Warehouse/OBIEE. You will be able to see ALL requisitions for your department(s) since July 2010, regardless of who created it.

You can use the included search on the Copy Requisition screen to look up a requisition, but keep in mind that you will not be able to preview the requisition before copying it.

1. Log in to CFS from Titan Online on the campus portal.

2. Click on the CFS End User navigation tile.

If you have added Add/Update Requisitions as a navigation tile to your personal CFS homepage, you can just click on the tile on your homepage. You can view instructions on adding a navigation tile for more information.

CFS homepage
  1. Click on the CFS End User tile.
  2. Or you click on the NavBar icon to navigate to NavBar > Navigator > Purchasing > Requisitions > Add/Update Requisitions.

3. Select Requisition & Purchase Order and then click Add/Update Requisitions.

CFS End User Menu

4. Click the Add button.

Do not change the Requisition ID from NEXT.

Add a new value

5. Click Copy From.

copy from link
copy requisition screen
  1. Enter the ID number of the requisition that you want to copy in the Requisition ID field. Alternatively, you can enter information into the other search fields to find a requisition.
  2. Then click Search.

7. Place a checkmark next to the requisition that you want to copy in the list of search results. Then click OK.

choose requisition to copy

You are not able to preview the requisition by clicking on the Req ID hyperlink.

  1. Locate the requisition that you want to copy in the search results and place a checkmark next to it.
  2. Then click OK.

7.1. If you are copying a canceled requisition, click OK to change the requisition status from Canceled to Active.

copied req is canceled

7.2. If you are copying a requisition created by someone else, you will need to click Yes to continue with the copy.

different requester

7.2.1. Next, you will need to click on the lookup icon in the Requester field to change it to your name.

Requester field

The Copy From feature copies nearly all fields on the previous requisition, including the Requester Name/ID. You will need to change the Requester field to your name before moving on.

7.2.2. Click on your name.

look up requester

7.2.3. Click No.

change default settings

This screen is asking whether you want to replace fields on the requisition with your personal default settings, including the chartfield string (e.g., Account, Fund, Dept ID).

It is recommended that you always select No for this option because this keeps the previously used chartfield string intact which is often an important component of using the copy feature.

However, if you want to apply your default settings as shown on the screen, you can click Yes.

  1. These are the changes that will be applied to the specified fields if you click Yes.
  2. It's recommended that you click No to keep the previously used chartfield string (Account, Fund, Dept ID) intact.

8. Click on the Details icon to remove the Buyer that was assigned to the copied requisition.

Details icon

8.1. Delete the value that is in the Buyer field. Then click OK.

Line details screen

9. You can now start modifying the requisition for the current purchase requirements.

You may not be able to save this requisition until you make a few changes. For example, if the Due Date is a date in the past, the system will not allow you to save the requisition until the field is changed.

new requisition with copied info

Need More Help?

Technical issue with CFS? Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.

Questions about how to do something in CFS? Contact IT Training at [email protected] or 657-278-5647.

Questions about procurement policies or status of a requisition/purchase order? Contact Procurement at [email protected].


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