Entering Grades for Your Classes

This article covers how faculty can enter official grades for their students in the Faculty Homepage on Titan Online.

For additional tips and troubleshooting, view Additional Information and Troubleshooting for Grading.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access your Faculty Homepage.

2. Select Grade Roster.

faculty homepage

3. By default, one of your classes will be selected for grading. Click Change Class to enter grades for a different class.

Grade Roster header

4. Use the drop-down menu to select a grade for each student.

Please be careful using the mouse to scroll while entering grades for students as the mouse also scrolls the pull-down list of grades and may inadvertently change a grade you didn't mean to change.

grading screen
  1. Select a grade for each student using the Roster Grade drop-down menu.
  2. If you have already graded some of your students and want to view just the students you have not yet graded, check  Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only.

5. Click Save to save the grades you have entered.

save grades

5.1. You will see a pop-up message indicating the grade roster was not submitted. Click OK.

This is just a reminder message that clicking Save does NOT submit your grades. You can continue to click Save after making any changes to the grade roster to save your progress.

warning message

6. When you have finished entering all grades, click on the Approval Status drop-down menu.

finished entering grades

7. Change the Approval Status to Approved. Click Save to finalize your grade roster.

approved grade roster

8. You will get a confirmation message that your grade roster was submitted. The grades will be posted to the students' Student Center typically by the following morning.

The process that posts grades runs daily at 6:00 pm. After you submit your grade roster, you have until the next time the process runs to make any changes to it (e.g., if you submit your grades on Thursday at 6:30 pm, you have until Friday at 6:00 pm to make changes).

If changes need to be made after grades have posted, you will need to fill out a Grade Change Form.

confirmation message

9. If you notice an error before grades have posted, you can change the Approval Status back to Not Reviewed and then make your changes.

Remember to change the Approval Status back to Approved and click Save when you are done!

change approval status

Did a student stop attending your class? Don't see all of your students on the grade roster? Want to download your grade roster to Excel? Experiencing other issues or have questions? View Additional Information and Troubleshooting for Grading

Need More Help?

Technical questions

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.

Questions about the grading process


Riva Nist Apodaca

I thought there was a way where you could automatically import grades through canvas where they took the final grades of the student?

Lori Arthur

@ Riva -- Absolutely! You can find instructions on importing your grades from Canvas to Titan Online here: https://csuf.screenstepslive.com/s/peoplesoft/m/70024/l/1479807-how-do-i-import-grades-from-canvas-into-titan-online

Samantha Rebert

Is there a way to view a confirmation that all courses have been submitted without going through each one individually? I have 15 sections of classes per semester and it would be nice to have that feature, if it's not available currently. Or perhaps a confirmation email that these were submitted?

Lori Arthur

@ Samantha -- I don't believe there is a feature like that at the moment. I'll pass along your comment to our ERP team to see if this is something they can request in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Teresa Eligio

I have one student who is on maternity leave and has one more assignment to submit. She completed the final but has not responded to my request to enter three discussion responses for the last 10 points. Could I submit the class grades and add her grade at a later time? please advise.

Camille Johnson

Hi Teresa! You can save grades without entering every student's grade, but you cannot actually submit grades unless you assign a grade to every student. Saving grades does not post them to the student's portal/transcript.

If you don't hear back from the student close to the deadline to submit grades, you may want to consider assigning them an incomplete grade (I) as to not hold up grades for the rest of the class. Please consult with your department and submit the necessary paperwork before assigning an incomplete grade.

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