Using the Overview Tab

The Overview tab is the main page on the Student Profile. The Overview is where you can find a quick summary of the student's contact and demographic information, academic performance, and potential needs. This guide provides an outline of the basic fields in the Overview tab and includes instructions on how to take actions such as messaging students, adding notes and reports, scheduling appointments, and viewing student information.

Not sure how to get to the Student Profile? View instructions on accessing student profiles in TitanNet.

Student Profile overview
  1. The top box (referred to as the 30-Second Overview) shows a summary of courses that a student has received a D or F grade in, repeated courses, withdrawn courses, missed success markers, cumulative GPA, total credits earned, CSUF completion percentage, and concern level.
  2. The Overview section shows a student's current major, major history, classification, and semester they were most recently enrolled.
  3. The Goals & Interests section shows information that the student has information that the student has provided in the mobile app, including items that the student has added as a favorite.
  4. The Categories section lists categories associated with the student based on campus data. Categories can include both academic and non-academic data about student attributes and potential needs.
  5. The Tags section includes tags that have been applied to the student. Depending on your permissions, you might not be able to add or remove tags.
  6. The Options box is where users can initiate actions such as messaging a student, adding notes, submitting an appointment report, scheduling an appointment, adding to student lists, and issuing alerts. View the Options Box user guide for more information.
  7. The Staff Alerts box indicates if there are any open alerts or cases for the student. If there are no alerts or cases issued for the student, this box will not appear. View more information about issuing and viewing alerts.
  8. The Active Appt. Campaigns section shows what, if any, active campaigns in which the the student is involved.
  9. The Student Info section shows student contact information, age, and date of birth.

You can access additional information about certain fields by hovering over the value or by clicking the triangle icon next to a value to expand the field.

You will only be able to view up to the most recent ten applicable items for each field.

More comprehensive information for each data point can be found in other areas such as the Success Progress and Courses tabs.

View instructions on using the Success Progress tab.
View instructions on using the Courses tab.

fields expanded
  1. Hover over items that are underlined (i.e. Cumulative GPA, Total Credits Earned, Credit Completion % at this Institution, and Concern Level) to view them in more detail.
  2. Click the triangle icon next to an item (i.e. Course Grade D/F, Repeated Courses, Withdrawn Courses, Missed Success Markers, Cumulative GPA, Major History) to view them in more detail.
  3. Click View More to view additional items.

Deciphering the 30-Second Overview

The 30-Second Overview offers a glimpse into a student's academic performance by condensing information about the student's course performance, GPA, number of success marker notifications, unit totals, and predicted concern level.

30 second overview box
  1. Course Grade D/F shows the number of classes in which that a student has earned a grade of D/F. This figure does not include any classes in which a student earned a grade of WU (Unauthorized Withdrawal). Expanding the field reveals the ten most recent classes that the student earned a D/F for and shows the course code, grade earned, and semester taken.
  2. Repeated Courses shows how many courses the student has retaken. Expanding the field reveals the ten most recent classes that the student repeated and shows shows the course code, initial semester taken, original grade earned, semester retaken, and new grade earned.
  3. Withdrawn Courses shows how many courses the student has withdrawn from. This includes courses in which a student earned a grade of W or WU. Expanding the field reveals the ten most recent classes that the student withdrew from and shows course code and semester withdrawn from.
  4. Missed Success Markers shows how many key milestones (critical courses or requirements) the student has not completed. 
  5. Cumulative GPA shows the average between courses taken at CSUF and those taken at other institutions. Expanding the field reveals the student's overall GPA and their institution GPA.
  6. Total Credits Earned shows the number of units that the student has earned. Expanding the field reveals number of credits earned at CSUF and number of external credits.
  7. Credit Completion % at this Institution shows the percentage of units earned in-house at CSUF. Expanding the field reveals the raw number of credits attempted at CSUF and raw number of credits earned at CSUF.
  8. Concern Level predicts the likelihood of graduation based on the outcomes of students within similar populations.

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