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  1. Schedule a General Event allows users to block their availability in TitanNet. You can create a General Event to block time off for team meetings or workshops, to block the availability of a staff/faculty that's out sick, block availability for office closures, etc.
  2. Download Center for Reports is where you can access reports that you've exported.
  3. Appointment Campaigns allow staff to reach out to specific student populations and encourage them to schedule appointments
  4. Travel Letters can be used to manage excused absences by notifying instructors and staff about activities that students will miss due to campus-related travel (e.g. athletics, conferences, etc.)

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Schedule a General Event

General events cannot exceed 6 hours in length.

1. Set the filters for your event. Start by selecting your care unit from the drop-down menu. Then, select a location from the drop-down menu. Use the calendar to select a date for the event.

Appointment filters
  1. Select a care unit from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select a location from the drop-down menu.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Add a comment to provide more detail about the event.
  4. Use the arrows on the calendar to navigate between months.
  5. Click on a date to select it.

2. Add attendees by typing names into the Add an Attendee box and clicking on the name(s) you want to add to the People Attending list.

By default, you will be added to the People Attending list as the organizer of the meeting.

People attending list
  1. Type a name into the Add an Attendee field to search for that person.
  2. Click on a name to add them to the attendee list.
  3. To remove an attendee from the list, click the X next to their name.

3. From the Length drop-down menu, select how long you want the event to be. Then, select which availabilities you want to choose from. From the time table, place a check in a timeslot to schedule the event for that day/time. Next, use the Repeat drop-down menu to select the event repeat status. Click Save Appointment to finalize the event schedule.

Choose a time to meet screen
  1. Select an event length from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select what availabilities to view from the drop-down menu. By default, you will be shown availabilities for the course/service entered in the appointment filters, but you can select to show all availabilities, unlock non-available times, and unlock times with conflicts.
  3. Place a check in the timeslot during which you want to schedule the event.
  4. Select a repeat status from the drop-down menu. By default, the event is set to not repeat.
  5. Click Save Appointment.

4. The event will be added to your Upcoming Appointments. To make changes to the event, click the title. Click Edit to modify the Appointment Details and/or attendees. Click Cancel to cancel the appointment. To delete the appointment, click Delete.  

Manage Appointment window
  1. To view the general event details and/or modify it, find the event in your Upcoming Appointments box and click on its title to open the Manage Appointment window.
  2. Click Edit to modify the event. You will be taken to the Schedule Appointment page where you can make changes to the care unit, location, service, time, date, and attendees.
  3. Click Cancel Appointment to cancel the appointment. You will be asked who to cancel the event for and the reason for cancellation. You can also provide a comment to explain why the event is being cancelled.
  4. Click Delete Appointment to delete the appointment. Deleting the appointment will remove it from all reports and calendars. All associated Appointment Summaries and check-in will also be deleted.
Download Center for Reports

Reports are only available in the Download Center for 7 days after they were originally created.

Click on a file name to download the report as a .csv file.

Download Center for Reports screen
Appointment Campaigns
Appointment Campaigns screen
  1. Click View All Campaign Types to view other campaign types (e.g. messaging campaigns, enrollment campaigns, etc.)
  2. Click Add New to create a new campaign.
  3. Use the Filter by Care Unit drop-down menu to view campaigns within a specific care unit. By default, you will see campaigns within all care units that you have access to view.
  4. Uncheck the box if you want to view campaigns that were added by all users within your care unit(s). By default, this box will be checked to show you only campaigns that you added.
  5. Click on the title of a campaign to open the campaign page. On this page you can view more information about the campaign such as names of students in the campaign, email click-to-open rate for welcome messages and specific date nudges, and appointment information. You will also be able to edit the campaign from this page, take action on campaign appointments, or export the student list.
  6. Click Resume next to a draft to continue working on it.
Travel Letters

All emails related to travel letters will be saved in the student and faculty/staff Conversations tab.

1. You will see a table of all your saved letters on the Travel Letters page. Click the Add New button to create a new travel letter. To view an existing letter, you can use the Select Category and/or Select Tag drop-down menu(s) to filter the entries. Click on a letter's name to view the letter.

Travel Letters screen
  1. To add a new travel letter, click the Add New button.
  2. Use the Select Category drop-down menu to view letters within a certain category.
  3. Use the Select Tag drop-down menu to view letters with a particular tag.
  4. Click on the letter name to view the letter.

2. On the page of a particular travel letter, you will be able to view the letter contents, list of associated students, professors affected, appointments missed, absences, and letter details. On each tab, you can take actions such as sending messages, printing lists and letters, and deleting entries. You will also be able to edit the schedule, refresh known conflicts, and delete the schedule from this page.

Before taking action on an item, make sure to refresh known conflicts first. At the time the letter is created, the system determines what events the students will miss. The system does not automatically search for new events, so the list of appointments, courses and assignments with conflicts will only be as current as the last refresh. 

Baseball letter screen
  1. The Contents of Letter tab displays the subject and body of the letter.
  2. The Students tab displays a list of students included in the letter. You can view the number of classes, appointments, and assignments impacted. You can send a message to selected students, print student conflicts, create absences, and remove students on this tab.
  3. The Professors tab displays a list of instructors impacted by this travel schedule. You can view whether or not instructors have been notified, send travel letters and/or messages to selected instructors, and print travel letters on this tab.
  4. The Appointments Missed tab displays appointments that the student(s) will miss due to their scheduled travel. The list includes information about what student is missing the appointment, the staff/faculty with whom the appointment has been made, and a brief description and date/time of the appointment. You can send a message to the affected staff/faculty from this tab.
  5. The Absences tab documents the students that have been marked as absent via the Create Absences action on the Student tab. You can delete absences from this tab.
  6. Click Edit this Schedule to make changes to the letter name, travel schedule, letter contents, letterhead, and student list.
  7. Click Refresh Known Conflicts to capture any new conflicting appointments, assignments, or other events that have been added since the last refresh.
  8. Click Delete this Schedule to remove the letter and conflict information associated with the schedule.

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