Advanced Search Overview

This article provides basic information on accessing and using the Advanced Search feature in TitanNet.

Advanced Search in TitanNet is a powerful tool that allows users to pull student information using predetermined filters. With this tool, users are able to access data about student populations by applying specific search criteria onto a query.

TitanNet pulls data from PeopleSoft in a nightly process every day, so data will be current up to the previous nightly refresh.

Getting Started

Saving Searches and Search Results

Saving Search Parameters

After running a search, you can save your search parameters so that you can easily run the search again without having to enter the search filters each time.

Note that this saves the search parameters only—not the search results. To save a list of students, you will need to add them to a student list.

Unsaved Student Search screen

Only you will be able to see the name, so pick something that makes sense to you.

Save Search prompt
  1. Type in a name for your search.
  2. Click Save Search.

3. To apply the saved search parameters to a new search, open the Saved Searches menu. Select which search you want to run. Then, click the Search button.

Saved Searches menu
  1. Click Saved Searches to bring up a list of your saved searches.
  2. Select which search parameters you want to apply to your search.
  3. Click Search.

4. When you run a saved search, you can rename or delete it by clicking the respective button.

Rename and delete search buttons
  1. Click Rename to enter a new name for the search.
  2. Click Delete Saved Search to remove the search from your saved searches.
Saving Search Results as a Student List

Saving your results as a student list creates a static list that will not change unless you modify it yourself. You can then return to this list later on to identify the particular students to which your criteria applied.

1. After running a search, select which students you want to save to a list. Then, click Actions.

Unsaved student search screen
  1. Place a check next to the students that you want to save to a list. To select all students, place a check in the box in the table header.
  2. Click Actions.

2. Select Add to Student List from the Actions menu.

Actions menu

3. Select a list to add the students to or create a new list for them. Then, click Save.

Add to student list prompt
  1. To add the students to an existing list, place a check next to the list you wish to add them to.
  2. Click Create new list and enter a name for the list that you wish to create and add the students to.
  3. Click Save.

4. You can access the student list in your Students tab or on the Lists and Saved Items page.

Staff Home page
  1. Go to your Student tab in Staff Home and select the list you want to view from the List Type drop-down menu.
  2. Click the bullet list icon in the navigation menu to open the Lists and Saved Items page.

Need More Help?

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