Using the Courses Tab

The Student Profile's Courses tab presents course information, including enrollment history and academic performance for that student.

Not sure how to get to the Student Profile? View instructions on accessing student profiles in TitanNet.


The Courses table shows a list of courses that the student is/was enrolled in during a particular semester. By default, this table will display the current term's courses.

Courses table
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select which term you want to view. By default, the current term will be shown.
  2. Depending on your permissions, you may be able to contact the professor of or submit a progress report for a selected course.
  3. The table will list course code, title, instructor, and schedule information.
  4. If available, the student's midterm and final grade will be displayed.
  5. If absence information has been submitted in TitanNet, the absence report will show the student’s total number of absences before the parentheses and the student’s number of unexcused absences within the parentheses.

Term Details

The Term Details section functions similarly to an unofficial transcript. This section list semesters in reverse chronological order and includes information about enrolled courses, credits earned, GPAs, and academic standing.

Term Details
  1. The Term at a Glance section section shows the student’s overall performance during the given term, including total completed credits for the term, credit completion percentage for the term, term GPA, total cumulative GPA to that point, and Academic Standing for the term.
  2. Click the carat next to a semester to view comparative information between that semester and the previous one.
  3. Hover over a course to view more information.
  4. [TR] denotes transfer coursework.
  5. When available, the Pre-Enrollment and Progression section shows pre-college work and high school GPA.

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