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This article explains the Student Information search filters in the TitanNet Advanced Search page.

View the Advanced Search Overview article for information on accessing and using Advanced Search, including guidelines on using search filters and instructions about saving searches.

Getting Started

Student Information Field Definitions

The Student Information filters allow advisors in TitanNet to search for students by personal identifying information such as name, CWID, category, gender, race/ethnicity, and student categories.

Across different sections filters act as "AND" conditions. For example, selecting "Female" from the Gender drop-down, "Yes" from the Transfer Student drop-down, and "STEM" from the Category (In Any of these) menu will generate a list of female transfer students enrolled in STEM programs.

Student information block
  1. Click on the carat to expand the Student Information section and view the filters.
  2. You can search for students by name.
  3. You can search for a range students using From Last Name as a lower limit and To Last Name as an upper limit.
  4. You can search for students by CWID. You can search up to 300 CWIDs at a time.
  5. You can select a gender from the drop-down menu to filter results by self-identified gender (i.e. male, female, other).
  6. You can select an race or ethnicity to filter results by self-reported race or ethnicity.
  7. You can filter results by students that are on student lists that you've created. You may select multiple lists at a time.
  8. You can filter results by student transfer status.
  9. You can search for students by their CSUF email address.
  10. You can search for students within a particular category. You can click within the field to open a drop-down menu of options. You can also type within the field to narrow down the available options within the drop-down. Examples of categories include cohort, student groups (e.g. honors, athletes, student government, etc.), program type (undergraduate, graduate, certificate, etc.), account holds, academic standing, graduation candidacy, and the like. The main Category field is set to retrieve results "in any of these" categories that you select. View more information about the In Any of these filter.
  11. Click on the plus sign button to open the additional "in all of these" and "in none of these" category filters. View more information about the In All of these filter or view more information about the In None of these filter.

Additional Category Filters ("in --- of these" filters)


If you click the plus sign button next to the Category menu, more fields that provide additional Boolean logic for searches will be revealed: "In All of these" and "In None of these".

Category fields
In Any of these filter

Search results will contain students that meet any one or more condition–combines selections with “OR”.

In Any of these field

In this example, the search results will include students that are Abrego Future Scholars, Guardian Scholars, and/or President's Scholars.

In All of these filter

Search results will include students that meet all conditions–combines selections with “AND”.

In All of these field

In this example, the search results will include first-generation students that are also in the University Honors program and have been approved for graduation.

In None of these filter

Search results will exclude students with any of the input values.

In None of these field

In this example, the search results will not include any international students, students in the ROTC program, or student athletes.

Combining filters

If you use multiple Category fields, "AND" conditions will be applied between the fields. The logic within each individual field remains the same.

Category fields with search criteria

In this example, the search results will include students that:

  • are on Academic Notice OR Disqualification (In Any of these field)
  • have applied for graduation AND are part of the Spring 2024 cohort (In All of these field)
  • do not have Disqualification Advising OR Probation Advising holds. (In None of these field)

Additional Search Parameters

Include Inactive, My Students Only, At-Risk Students Only

At the bottom of the Advanced Search page, there are three checkboxes next to the Search button that can apply additional filters onto your search.

Additional search filter checkboxes
  1. By default, only students who are active in the selected term are displayed in the search results. Place a check in the Include Inactive box to include students from past terms who meet your selected criteria. Including inactive students in your search may be helpful for retention and re-enrollment efforts.
  2. Place a check in the My Students Only box to only include students that are assigned to you in the search results.
  3. Place a check in the At-Risk Students Only box to limit search results to students with the At-Risk indicator on their record.

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