Missing Saved Customizations in Data Warehouse/OBIEE

This article covers options that users have when they find that their saved customizations in OBIEE have disappeared.

About This Issue

The CSUF Data Warehouse is run by two servers. When a user accesses OBIEE, the user is sent to one of the two servers. OBIEE uses load-balancing to determine which server to send you to; that is, it tries to evenly balance the number of users currently using each server.

Unfortunately, there is no process that synchronizes a user's saved customizations between the two servers. So if you create a saved customization on server 1, that same customization will not appear if you are on server 2.

How do I know which server I'm on?

OBIEE homepage

When you log in to OBIEE, you will see the name of the server that you were sent to at the bottom left corner of the OBIEE homepage.

Option 1: Create your customizations on both servers

The best solution to this issue is to re-create your customizations on the second server. This will ensure that no matter which server you are sent to, your saved customizations will be available.

This is a somewhat time-consuming

Option 2: Attempt to switch to the server with your customizations

The other option you have is to try to get sent to the other server. You can do this by:

Attempting to get sent to the other server may take a lot of tries because OBIEE may keep sending you to the same server each time in order to maintain the balance between the two servers. There is no guarantee that you will end up getting to the server you want.

Need More Help?

For technical assistance with the Data Warehouse, please contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.

For questions about getting access to the Data Warehouse or how to use the reports, please contact IT Training at [email protected] or 657-278-5647.


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