Using Print, Refresh, and Return Links in Data Warehouse

This article covers how users can print data, use the refresh link, and use the return link in Data Warehouse/OBIEE.


The Print link allows you to print your current results by creating a PDF or Web document and it is typically found on summary or detail Pages.

Print data

2. Choose the format you wish to use.

Print options

Available formats:

  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)
  • HTML (opens in internet browser window)

3. The file opens in a new browser window.

Printable PDF and HTML
  1. For PDF documents, use the Adobe toolbar to print or save the document.
  2. For HTML, use your browser’s print option to print the document.

Data Warehouse is set to time out after about 25 minutes of inactivity. Use the Refresh option to update your status with the Data Warehouse server so you are not timed out. This link appears on most Pages.

Refresh link

2. Your status with the server has now been updated.

For reports with live data, clicking Refresh will update your results as well as checking in with the server.


The Return link takes you back to the previous screen. Use this link instead of your browser’s Back button when navigating in Data Warehouse.

Return link

The Return link often appears at the bottom left of a screen or centered below a table.

2. You are now on the previous screen.

Need More Help?

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For questions about getting access to the Data Warehouse or how to use the reports, please contact IT Training at [email protected] or 657-278-5647.