Adding a Class

This article covers how CSUF students can enroll in a class.

Be sure to review the Registration Calendars to check when you can enroll in classes using this process.

Note that you can use the Class Search and Enroll feature to view available classes prior to registering. This allows you to add a course to your favorites and save time locating it later when you are ready to register.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access the Student Homepage in Titan Online.

2. Click on Manage Classes.

student homepage with manage classes highlighted

3. Click on Class Search and Enroll in the left menu.

view my classes with drop classes highlighted

4. Select the term for which you want to enroll.

term selection
search for class
  1. Enter a keyword for the search such as the course, subject, class, or topic.
  2. Then click the double arrow button to search.
  3. Click Additional ways to search to search by a list of available subjects, catalog number, or Instructor last name.
  4. If you have marked a course as a favorite or viewed courses, you can expand Favorites or Recently Viewed to view and select them.

6. Choose a search result to view available class options. You can also use the filters on the left to narrow down your results.

search results page
  1. Click on a search result to view available class options.
  2. You can use the filters on the left to narrow down your search results. For example, you could change the Class Status to show both Open Classes and Wait List Classes.
  3. By default, you will see only open classes, but you can click on the x next to the Open Classes filter to remove it and see all classes (open, closed, wait list).
View more information about filters

Place a checkmark next to a filter to apply it. The search results will automatically update as you select filters. Uncheck a filter to remove it.

Only available filters for your search criteria will appear. If you are not seeing a specific filter, try altering your search criteria.

class search filters
available class sections
  1. Click on the class section you want to enroll in.
  2. For more information about the class section including meeting times and pre-requisites, click on the link in the Class column.
  3. Expand Course Information to view the course description, number of units, and other course details.
  4. Click Add to favorite courses to add this course to your favorites.

8. Review the class section details, including the meeting days and times as well as the final exam schedule. Check the Option Status to see the current status of the class section (Open, Wait List, Closed) and the Seats for the number of open seats left. Then click Next.

review class selection
  1. Check the Option Status to see the current status of the course: Open, Wait List, or Closed.
  2. Check the Seats to see the current number of open seats or waitlist available places in the class.
  3. Click Next to continue registering.

9. If prompted, select your waitlist, grading basis, or units preferences. Then click Accept.

If the class status says Wait List, you must select Yes for the waitlist option in order to complete enrollment.

If there are only a few open seats left in the class, you may want to select Yes for the waitlist option in case all of the open seats are filled by the time you complete your enrollment.

If you do not have the option to be added to a waitlist, change your grading basis, or change the number of units for the class, you will not see this screen.

review class preferences

The Credit/No Credit option is often abbreviated, such as Undergraduate - CR/NC Stdnt Opt.

  1. If available, use the slider to indicate if you want to be added to the wait list for a class.
  2. If available, select your grading basis: Graded or Credit/No Credit.
  3. If available, select the number of units to be applied to the class.
  4. Then click Accept.

10. Select either Enroll or Add to Shopping Cart. Then click Next.

Placing a class in your shopping cart does not save your place in the class. You must complete the enrollment process for your place in the class to be saved.

enroll or add to cart

If there is a co-requisite for the course (e.g., you must enroll in a laboratory class in addition to the regular class), you will want to use the shopping cart as the system will not allow you to enroll in only one of the two required classes.

  1. Choose Enroll to enroll in the course now. Or choose Add to Shopping Cart if you want to add multiple courses to your shopping cart and then enroll in all of them at the same time.
  2. Then click Next.

11. Review the class section information and preferences. Then click Submit to continue enrolling in the class or adding it to your shopping cart.

review and submit
  1. If you chose Enroll, you will see You have selected to enroll in; if you chose Add to Shopping Cart, you will see You have selected to add to your shopping cart.
  2. Click Submit to continue enrolling in the class or adding it to your shopping cart.

12. Click Yes to confirm you want to submit.

confirm submission

13. You'll see a confirmation screen that will confirm that the class was added to your schedule, added to your shopping cart, or you were placed on the wait list. If you chose to enroll, you are done! If you chose to add the class to your shopping cart, continue with the steps below to finalize your enrollments.

Reasons you may not be enrolled in a class after being added to the Waitlist:

  • You are enrolled in a different section of the same class
  • The class time conflicts with another class (or classes) you are enrolled in
  • You have exceeded your maximum unit limit
confirmation screens
confirmation of add to cart

15. Place a checkmark next to each class you want to enroll in. Then click Enroll.

You do not need to enroll in all classes in your shopping cart at once. However, keep in mind that your place in the class is not saved until you complete the enrollment process.

shopping cart screen
  1. Place a checkmark next to each class you want to enroll in.
  2. You may want to check the Seats column to check that there are open seats or waitlist available places.
  3. Click Change Preferences if you want to change your grading basis option or waitlist preference (if available).
  4. Then click Enroll.

16. Click Yes to confirm that you want to enroll in the class(es).

confirm enrollment

17. You'll see a confirmation screen that will confirm that the classes were added to your schedule or you were placed on the waitlist. You're done!

Reasons you may not be enrolled in a class after being added to the Waitlist:

  • You are enrolled in a different section of the same class
  • The class time conflicts with another class (or classes) you are enrolled in
  • You have exceeded your maximum unit limit
confirmation screen

Next Steps

You will need to pay your fees by the deadline specified by Student Business Services. View an overview of important payment dates and deadlines.

Charges will be applied to your account after you enroll. It may take a couple of days for the charges to post. Check the Financial Account section of your portal to view your balance and make an online payment. View instructions on Paying Tuition and Campus Fees.

Need More Help?

Questions about registration/registering for classes?

How to Register webpage

Contact the Registration & Records Office at [email protected] or 657-278-7601. Or visit the Registration & Records Office in LH-114.

Technical issues in accessing Student Homepage or your campus portal account?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.


Jesenya Marcial

I am currently registered to graduate but Im doing well in a class I’m currently in. I can’t seem to register to retake the class in the summer

Camille Johnson

Hi Jesenya! If you are registered to graduate in Spring 2022, you will not receive an enrollment appointment for Summer 2022 or any other future semesters. You will need to change your graduation date in order to be issued an enrollment appointment for summer. To request a graduation date change, email [email protected] with your name, CWID, and major.

Ryan Wiltz

I am trying to register for Summer classes and have been unable to register due to my record inaccurately indicating a prerequisite is still pending. This is not the first time I have had this issue. I have called and emailed registration 5/11/22 and still have not heard back from anyone. Per voicemail, office is still closed for in person visit. Please advise

Camille Johnson

Hi Ryan! I would recommend getting in touch with the department offering the class to inquire about having a permit issued. You will need to provide them with your CWID and the particular section information of the class. Since you mentioned having the same problem in the past, you may also want to consult with your advisor to see if changes need to be made to your TDA.


I've added my desired courses to my shopping cart but once I checkmark all of them no enrollment appears on the top left, only a delete button. I even tried the other method where you add each course one by one by when doing that I noticed there wasn't an enrollment step to move to.

Camille Johnson

Hi MoisesI It sounds like you might not be able to add classes at the moment because your enrollment appointment isn't open yet. We have a guide on how to find out when your enrollment appointment opens at:

If your enrollment appointment is already open, please contact Registration and Records to inquire into the status of your account. They can be reached at [email protected] or 657-278-7601.


I have completed enrolling in all my classes; however, there is no section nor instructions on how to pay. Does it take a few days for the payment to show up in the student portal?

Camille Johnson

Hi Yegganeh! Yes, it may take a few days for your charges due to be posted on the portal. Please keep an eye on the "Financial Account" portion of your Student Homepage. There, you will be able to check your account balance and charges due, as well as make an online payment. Student Business Services has information on how to make payments on their website at:

Eunkyo Seo

I am currently trying to enroll in 2 general education classes within categories: A.1. or A.2. and A.3.. What exactly are the courses for each category so that I may search and enroll in them?

Camille Johnson

Hi Eunkyo! Please refer to the following website for more information on GE courses and categories:

You can also find this information on your Titan Degree Audit (TDA). We have guides on accessing and interpreting the TDA here:

If you have additional questions about GE requirements and enrollment, you may want to speak with an academic advisor. Here's the website for the Academic Advising Center, where you can find more information on advisement:

Miguel Caro

After June 30th will I not be able to register for fall anymore?

Camille Johnson

Hi Miguel! You can still enroll, but you won't be able to pay fees on June 30 while CashNet is closed. On July 1st (or possibly a little later) the payment system will go back up again.

Miguel Caro

when’s the last day to enroll?

Camille Johnson

Hi Miguel! The last day to add Fall 2022 via the portal is 08/28/22. After that, you could still enroll but the process will be different (either via permit or late add request).

You can view the Registration Calendar :
Or Registration Guides:

to look up important dates and other enrollment information.

Eunkyo Seo

Also when it says that waitlist available places are 43 of 45, is that saying that there are 43 seats open?

Camille Johnson

Hi Eunkyo! That means that there are 43 waitlist spots open and that 2 people have signed up for the waitlist already.


I am currently enrolled in KNES 348 for night class. However, I decided I wanted to do a morning class instead so I am waitlisted for another KNES 348. Because I am already enrolled in the night class, will it allow me to enroll in the morning KNES 348 class? I haven’t dropped the night class because I’m afraid I won’t get in the other one since I’m still on the waitlist (#1 spot).

Camille Johnson

Hi Mairani! The system will not let you enroll in two sections of the same class. You would have to drop the night section before you can add the morning section. I would recommend attending both sections for now and talking with the instructor to see what the chances are of a spot opening up in your preferred section.

Eunkyo Seo

Hello, I'm currently enrolled in a HCOM 100 Friday morning class and I want to switch it out for a HCOM 100 Wednesday evening class. I've tried to drop the Friday morning class first but it tells me it is a GE requirement, however, I've used the swap class option as well and it tells me the exact same thing. Can I not change schedules of GE classes once I am enrolled in one?

Camille Johnson

Hi Eunkyo! To my knowledge, the system does not block dropping/swapping of GEs. It could be that the message is just informing you that the course is a GE and may let you proceed as usual after clicking out of the message. Or there could be some underlying cause. Please contact the Records Office at [email protected] or 657-278-7601 if you continue experiencing issues with switching the class.

Ray Tachibana

Hello, I'm currently waitlisted in a class. Just now, the professor of that class messaged me that he has permitted me to register for the class. But, he said that I still have to go online and register for the class. He only cleared it to let me register. So, I tried to enroll in the class. But, it's still telling me that I'm already waitlisted.
How do I register for a class that I'm already waitlisted for?
Do I need to drop the class and register again? Or is there an option somewhere where I am able to enroll in the waitlisted class?

Camille Johnson

Hi Ray! You're correct—you must first drop the section and then add it.


Hello, I'm trying to register for my classes and it says my enrollment appointment begins November 9th at 9:30am, which it already is, but every time I try to enroll in my classes that are in my shopping cart, no "enroll" button shows up when I try to?

Lori Arthur

Hi Andrea! November 9th is this coming Wednesday, so you'll see the Enroll button starting at 9:30am this Wednesday.

Dan T

If I waitlist for a class and I am already enrolled in another class with the same time slot, what will happen if the waitlist class becomes available?

More specifically, if the waitlist class opens and the system recognizes that I am enrolled in a class with the same time slot, will I be given the option to switch or will the site drop my waitlist due to already being enrolled in another class with the same time slot.

Lori Arthur

Hi Dan! According to the Spring 2023 registration guide ( you will need to drop the class that conflicts with the waitlisted class. More from the guide:

Students will be moved from the waitlist into the class if space becomes available and in the order placed, unless any of the following restrictions apply:

There is a time conflict with another registered class. Since potential time conflicts are not checked when you place yourself on a waitlist, you should ensure that waitlisted classes do not conflict with your enrolled schedule.


Why wont it let me add a Winter session class? I have changed my grad date to next year.

Camille Johnson

Hi Giselle! More information is needed to determine why you aren't able to add courses. Please email [email protected] to inquire about your enrollment appointment for Winter Session 2023. They will need your CWID to look into your account.

Steven Reyes

Hello I am waitlisted for a class and still have not had any confirmation that I will be in the class. I messaged my professor and I was told that it is possible I will not be in the class because I am in the waitlist. What would happen if I do not end up being in the class that I enrolled for and payed for?


I received an email that I was issued a permit to register for a class that I was waitlisted for but I don't see an option to register, and when adding the class again it's only allowing me to be put on the waitlist. How do I add the class?

Camille Johnson

Hi Tracy! There isn't a special way to add by permit. You would just add the class as you usually would. If you're already waitlisted for the section, you would have to drop that class first, then add it. If you've already done this, contact the department that is offering the class so they can look into the permit that they issued for you.

Camille Johnson

Hi Steven! If you are on the waitlist, you are not considered "enrolled" in that class and will not be charged for it.

To follow up on your waitlist status, attend the class on the first day and talk to your professor. If the room capacity allows for it, the professor/department may decide to allow in students from the waitlist if people drop or no-show on the first day.


Hello, as an international student, can I enroll in courses that are not related to my current degree in Germany? Do I have any disadvantages in the selection of course participants because I am not enrolled in a degree with similar subject?
E.g registration in courses from int. Business Administration as civil Engineer.

Thanks in advance. I would be very happy about a timely answer.

Camille Johnson

Hi Semih! Some departments restrict enrollment to students in that major and some courses have a lot of prerequisites, so it's hard to give a definite answer without knowing the details. You should talk to an advisor about these concerns. Here's a link with more information on advising for international students:

Jessi Hearty

Hello, I am currently trying to enroll in summer classes as a student who does not currently attend UCI. I am planning on attending CSUF for the credential program but in order to do so I have to take some Pre-Req's at Fullerton. When I try to add a class to my cart I am not even given the option to add it or move forward after seeing the course descriptions.

Camille Johnson

Hello Jessi! It sounds like your enrollment appointment might not be open yet or you might have a hold barring you from adding classes. Open University has a page with more information at:

If you need further assistance, you can contact Open University at:


I'm enrolled for the Fall 2023 semester, but I can't seem to add any classes and cannot find any information regarding my registration appointment.

Camille Johnson

Hi Rosemary! By any chance are you a newly admitted freshman or transfer student? Enrollment windows for those groups aren't open until June:

If you're not, then you can contact Registrations and Records to inquire about your account and enrollment status. They can be reached at [email protected] or 657-278-7601.

Jeric Binuya

I'm registering for the fall 2023 semester as a newly admitted Transfer Student. Do I need to wait until June 9th to enroll in my classes? Also, do I need to verify my schedule in TITAN ONLINE?

Camille Johnson

Hi Jeric! According to the Fall 2023 Registration Guide, transfer enrollment appointments do open on June 9th:

Here are some registration user guides you can use when your enrollment appointment opens:

After you add your classes, you will be able to see the schedule that you built in Titan Online. If you need help putting together a schedule beforehand, you can consult with an advisor:

Madeline Parr

I'm registering for the Fall 2023 semester as a transfer student. I went tried to enroll in the classes. But somehow cannot be able to add any of my classes.

Camille Johnson

HI Madeline! Do you have an open enrollment appointment? Or any holds/items on your to-do list? These factors could be impacting your ability to add classes. Here's an article with a bit more information:

If you need further assistance, contact the Registration and Records Office. Their contact information is in the Need More Help section above.

Anika Fiesta

I'm trying to add a class as an Open University student, and I got the approval from the instructor. I'm trying to add the class but the next button from point 8 is not showing up. If there was a solution to this please let me know!

Lori Arthur

Hi Anika! It looks like there is a special process for Open University classes: The department also has to approve your registration and it sounds like they will be adding a permit for you to enroll. I'm unsure how long the department will take to issue the permit, so you can reach out to either the department of the class you're enrolling in (e.g., if it's an Economics class, contact the Economics department) or submit your question to Extension & International Programs here:

Arlette Vazquez

I'm currently registering through Open University. I have gotten the instructor's approval and as of today the department as well but for some reason it won't allow me click the course I want to enroll in or add it to my cart. Is there anything I can do about this? This is my first time navigating this homepage.

Camille Johnson

Hi Arlette! If you received the permits today it could be that the system is taking some time to process or it could be that there's an issue with your account. If you haven't updated your student record for the upcoming term, the system might be blocking you from enrolling. Here's a guide on how to make that update:

If you need further assistance, you can contact Extension & International Programs at:

Arlette Vazquez

I'm currently enrolling through open university. I have updated my student record and term activation guide for enrollment through EIP. I was able to add my course to my cart but there is only a delete button available and no enroll button. I'm wondering what step I should be making next to be able to enroll?

Camille Johnson

Hi Arlette! The team monitoring this article does not have the access needed to resolve this issue, so as mentioned above, please contact Extension & International Programs so they can look further into the problem.

Dylan Medina

Hello, I am currently enrolled through Open University. I was accepted by to enroll into a class by the Department, I even got an email of it. The problem is when I try to register to the class through my shopping cart, I cannot add it or enroll to it because it says I need a permit, and idk what to do.

Camille Johnson

HI Dylan! Permits are typically issued by the department offering the class. You may want to get in touch with the department to confirm that they've entered the permit into the system.

Wendy Vrsalovich

I have received approval from the department to enroll in my class for Spring 2024 through Open University, but when I try to enroll, it says, "Permission to enroll in this class is required. The class falls outside your career of study. Choose another class". What is my next step? Thank you.

Camille Johnson

Hi Wendy! As an Open University student, please seek assistance from Extended Education. You can find a contact form, their email, and phone number on their website at:

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