Common Errors with Adding Classes

This article covers some common errors with adding classes and what they mean.

Class is Full

error indicating class is full

This error means that the class has no open seats and you did not choose to add yourself to the waitlist (if available). Click Return to Class Preferences to check if a waitlist is available and add yourself to the waitlist.

Requisites have not been met: Pre-requisites

error indicating pre-requisites have not been met

This error means that the pre-requisites for the class have not been met. A list of all the pre-requisites will be shown.

In the above example, PSYC 201, PSYC 202, and PSYC 300 must be complete (or in progress during the current semester when enrolling for the next semester) before enrolling in PSYC 465.

Requisites have not been met: Co-requisites

error indicating co-requisite has not been met

If you try to enroll in co-requisite classes one at a time, you will get an error. However, if you add the co-requisite classes to your shopping cart and then enroll, the enrollment for both classes should be successful.

This error means that co-requisites for the class have not been met. Co-requisites are classes you must take at the same time (e.g., a laboratory class that you take at the same time as the main class).

In the above example, to enroll in EGEE 483, you must also enroll in either EGEE 409 OR EGCP 371.

error indicating department consent required

Department Consent Required means that the department needs to grant you permission to enroll in the class. Contact the department for more information on how to receive permission.

In the above example, it is a Psychology course, so you would contact the department of Psychology for assistance.

Hold (Negative Service Indicator)

error indicating hold on student's account

Some holds (also known as negative service indicators) that are placed on your account prevent you from adding (or dropping) classes. You will need to view the hold details to find out what you need to do to clear the hold. When the hold is cleared, you will be able to enroll. View instructions on how to view holds on your account.

Time Conflict with other enrolled classes

error indicating time conflict

If a the scheduled time of a class conflicts with another class (or classes) that you have already enrolled in, you will not be able to enroll. For example, if you are enrolled in a class that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am - 9:45am, you will not be able to enroll in another class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am - 9:45am.

Exceeded Maximum Unit Limit

error indicating maximum units exceeded

There are limits as to how many units that you can take each semester. If enrolling in a class will cause you to exceed your unit limit, you will not be able to enroll in the class. This also applies to being added to the wait list for a class: you cannot be wait listed for more units than you can enroll in.

If you want to drop one of your classes to enroll in the class, consider using the Swap Classes feature to drop the class only if you can add the new class.

repeat related issue

If you have already taken this class, you may not be allowed to enroll in the class again, depending on your previous grade in the class and how many times you have repeated it.

instructor consent error

During the second week of the semester, students must obtain an instructor's permission to enroll in their class. Instructors must go into the system and add a permit for the student to enroll; there is no permit code to enter. Contact the instructor if they agreed to allow you to enroll in the class but you are still getting this error.

After the second week of the semester, you will need to use the Late Add (Petition for Late Addition of Class) form located on the Registration and Records Forms webpage to enroll in any classes.

After the semester census date, you are not able to enroll in any classes.

View the Registration Calendars to see the specific dates for enrollment for a semester.

Need More Help?

Questions about registration/registering for classes?

How to Register webpage

Registration Guides

Contact the Registration & Records Office.

Technical issues in accessing Student Homepage or your campus portal account?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.


Elizabeth Schuster

I have met the requisites, but it still says that I have not met the requisites.

Camille Johnson

Hi Elizabeth! You may want to double check your TDA to make sure that it reflects the prerequisites for the class you're trying to add. For transfer classes especially, sometimes adjustments need to be made to make sure they audit properly.

If you have met the requirements for the class but get a "not met" error, you can contact the department offering the class and see if they can issue you a permit to register for the course. When contacting the department, provide your CWID, proof of meeting the requisite, and the section of the course that you're trying to add.

Jacob Ryan

I followed the instructions for adding a corequisite class but it will not allow me to enroll. I need to take a lab with my psyc class but it will not let me.

Lori Arthur

Hi Jacob! Unfortunately, you will need to contact the Registration & Records Office to determine why you are not able to enroll in both courses as it may be related to the specific courses or perhaps your specific enrollment limits (e.g., perhaps enrolling in both classes will put you over the maximum number of units you can take?). Contact them at [email protected] or 657-278-7601. Or visit the Registration & Records Office in LH-114.

Devlin Thompson

When I tried to enroll for a class an error appeared that said "You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements." It was for ART 107A and I what I want to know is if this is an error and I can still take the class or what I have to do to take this class. When I tried to enroll it also said that there 18 of 24 seats open.

Camille Johnson

Hello Devlin! It sounds like the department may have reserved seats for students that meet a certain criteria. Please contact the Art department to inquire further into the matter. They can be reached at [email protected].

Alysha Reyes

I'm trying to enroll in a ACCT 201B class and the only prerequisite is that I completed ACCT 201A with a C or higher, which I did. An error appeared saying, "Error: Unable to add this class - requisites have not been met. Students in the CBE Honors Program; old Report Flag of B."
I didn't even know I was in any type of honors program. Why is it telling me this?

Lori Arthur

Hi Alysha! You may need to reach out to the CBE Advising team ( to see if they can determine what is going on since it sounds like it may be a CBE specific issue.

Camille Johnson

Hi Alysha! It looks like that section is reserved for students that are in the CBE honors program, so students that are not in that program will not be able to add it. You can check with the Accounting department at [email protected] or 657-278-2225.

Chelsea Boldrini

Hi, I am trying to swap classes per advice for "Exceeded max limit unit" that are both the same units, however I get this error: "Swap ART 201B - Art and Civilization with ART 217 - Life Drawing for Animation
You are unable to add this class at this time. The maximum term wait list unit limit would be exceeded with this change." There is still waitlist capacity for this ART 217 class. TIA!

Lori Arthur

Hi Chelsea! Unfortunately, you will need to contact the Registration & Records Office to determine why you are not able to swap those two classes as it's not immediately clear to us why you can't. Contact them at [email protected] or 657-278-7601. Or visit the Registration & Records Office in LH-114.

Rachael Amaro

Hello. I am staff in an academic department. One of our students cannot complete enrollment as they are unable to see the button to move on to the next step in the process. They are able to locate the class and select it to view details, but there is no "next" or "continue" or "enroll" button to finish registration. They have a permit from the department and no other holds.

Camille Johnson

Hi Rachel! Sounds like they should be able to add the class--do they have a valid enrollment appointment for Spring 2023 and are they trying to add the correct section?

Over the weekend there was an issue with the class search, which I'm not sure is related to what the student is experiencing now, but if it is, it might help them to switch browsers or clear their cache. We have a guide on clearing your cache and cookies at:

If that doesn't work, then the student should contact the Helpdesk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888 so that staff can look further into the issue.

Justin McIntosh

I am taking a class through open university, my class is in the cart but it wont let me complete the enrollment process. Leticia Collins issued me an electronic permit. How do I move forward with taking the class?

Camille Johnson

Hi Justin! It's hard to advise how to proceed without knowing more details. I would suggest getting in touch with the person who issued the permit to confirm the details such as what section you've been permitted for, whether there are any enrollment restrictions on that class that the permit doesn't cover, etc. If everything looks alright with the class/your permit, then you may want to reach out to Open University so they can check your student account status for Summer 2023. They can be reached at:


How do we know what time we're supposed to register for class on June 16th? I know there's supposed to be an enrollment appointment thing we can click on "manage classes" but there's nothing there.

Camille Johnson

Hi Karina! I believe the appointments open at 11:30 AM.


hello every time i want to apply to a class it says the section is full I tried all the sections nothing is working

Camille Johnson

Hi Lena. If a class is full, you won't be able to add it. You'll only be able to be added to the waitlist if the class is set up with one and there are available seats. You can view available seats in a class in the class section details, as shown in Step #8 of this guide:

If the class has open seats and you're still not able to add it, you may want to reach out to the department offering that class to see if they can issue you a permit. If this is an issue you have with all classes, then try reaching out to Registration and Records. Their contact is in the Need More Help section of this article.

Skylar Sanchez

When I try to select a class that I want to prepare for my registration appointment, it doesn't let me select the class. The only thing it lets me to is click the class section that shows me class details, meeting information, class availability and enrollment information.

Camille Johnson

Hi Skylar! It sounds like you might have a hold on your account blocking your registration or you may not have an open enrollment appointment yet. Please note that enrollment is not yet open for Spring 2024 newly admitted students. You can view our guide on what to do before you register for classes for more information on checking for holds and viewing your enrollment appointment:

If you need more assistance, you can reach out to Records and Registration at [email protected].

Jennifer B

I tried to submit my classes and it gives me an error message saying "message not found".


I'm transferring in from a CC and have completed a lot of prerequisites for the classes I am trying to enroll in they are in my shopping cart but it's saying I haven't completed my already completed classes. I have all my transcripts uploaded and don't know what to do?

Camille Johnson

Hi Jennifer! Switching browsers or clearing your cache might help. Here's a guide on how to clear your browser cache and cookies:

If that doesn't solve the problem, you can reach out to the Student Helpdesk at: [email protected] or 657-278-8888 for assistance.

Camille Johnson

Hi Rebecca! It's possible that your TDA hasn't updated with your CC classes yet or they classes were not transferred properly. If you check your TDA and notice an issue with your CC classes, you may want to reach out to Registration and Records. Please refer to their contact information on their website:

In the meantime, try contacting the departments offering the classes and see if they can issue you permits to register for the courses. When contacting the departments, provide your CWID, proof of meeting the prerequisites (e.g. unofficial transcript), and the course # or section # of the course that you're trying to add.

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