How Do I Check for Holds on My Account?

This article covers how CSUF students can check their account for holds, also referred to as service indicators.

Please note that some holds/service indicators are informative and others require you to complete an action. In some cases, you must complete the action in order to register for classes. Be sure to read the details about each hold to determine what action, if any, you need to take.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access the Student Homepage in Titan Online.

2. The number of holds will show on the Tasks tile. Click on Tasks to view more information.

student homepage with holds highlighted

3. The name of the hold appears in the Hold column. The department that placed the hold appears in the Department column. Click on a hold to view more details about it.

list of holds
  1. Hold shows the name of the hold/service indicator.
  2. Department shows the name of the department who placed the hold.

4. Read the hold details carefully to identify any actions you may need to take.

hold details - hold preventing registration

This particular hold is preventing registration, so the student needs to contact the Office of the Registrar to find out what is needed to remove the hold.

hold details - informational hold

This particular hold/service indicator is just informative. The student can now register for a General Education math course, but they are not required to enroll in a math course immediately.

Need More Help?

Questions about holds?

You must contact the department that placed the hold for more information, including how to get the hold removed.

Questions about registration/registering for classes?

Registration Details webpage

Contact the Registration & Records Office at [email protected] or 657-278-7601. Or visit the Registration & Records Office in LH-114.

Technical issues in accessing Student Homepage or your campus portal account?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.


Bryant Tran

Hello. I was just checking out my tasks and saw that I had two holds on my student homepage.
One of them is a "Written Comm Plcmnt Category" hold telling me that I can register for ENGL 101 for fall or spring 2022.

Should I consult an advisor or can I just register for the class by myself?

Also, there are only a few classes left available but it only shows that 50 classes are available rather than 75. Will classes open in the future? Thank you!

Camille Johnson

Hi Bryant! The class search can only show 50 results at a time. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, there should be a "Display x More" button that will show additional sections of the class. If there are open sections, you should be able to add the class yourself. As for additional sections, only the department offering the class would know about that, so you can contact the English department to ask if they will be opening more sections.

Daniel Calderon

Hello, I currently have no holds in my tasks bar and when looking to register for classes it says there is a hold on my record, and I am unable to enroll in any classes for the upcoming fall semester. I do not know what the issue is that isn't allowing me to register and who I need to contact to clear this up.

Thanks in advance!

Camille Johnson

Hi Daniel! You can reach out to Records at [email protected] or if you're a new student, you may want to check with Admissions at

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