Approving Forms in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

This article covers how to approve a form in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Please note that these are general steps to review/approve a form in AEM. Some forms may have additional steps that need to be completed.

1. You will usually receive an email when there is a form for you to review/approve in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Sample approval notification email

2. To approve the form, log in to the campus portal and access Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Inbox.

For more detailed instructions on accessing Adobe Experience Manager, view Accessing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

AEM Inbox portal app
  1. Enter "adobe" in the portal search box.
  2. Select Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Workflow Inbox.

3. Enter your campus username and password. Then click Sign In.

Adobe Experience Manager login screen
  1. Enter your campus username and password. This is the same information you use to log on to the campus portal.
  2. Then click Sign In.

4. Click on the form that you want to review/approve.

You should have been taken directly to the My Tasks tab, but if you are on another screen, just click My Tasks to view all of the forms that are pending your review.

My Tasks screen with Finance ARF waiting for approval

5. The form will open in a new tab/window. Review the information on the form. Click on Workflow Details to view the form history, including who submitted the form and who has reviewed/approved it.

Finance ARF Employee Information tab
  1. Review the information on the form for accuracy.
  2. Click Workflow Details to see details of who has initiated, reviewed, approved, or rejected this form as well as any workflow comments.

6. Some forms have multiple tabs that need to be reviewed. You may also have to add your electronic signature by checking a box. Optional comments are often available for you to add any comments you have about the form.

The checkbox for the electronic signature is often found in different locations depending on the form. You may need to scroll down or click on a tab/section to locate where you need to sign the form.

Signatures tab
  1. Be sure to review each tab if the form contains multiple tabs/sections.
  2. If applicable, click on the Signatures tab/section to electronically sign the form.
  3. Place a checkmark to electronically sign the form.
  4. If available, enter any comments you would like to add.

7. Click Approve to approve the request. Click Reject to reject the request and send it back to the Initiator. Not ready to approve or reject? Click the X to close the form.

Signatures tab with Approve and Reject buttons showing
  1. Click Approve to approve the request.
  2. Click Reject to reject the request. Be sure to add a comment about the rejection!
  3. Click the X to close the request without approving or rejecting.

8. Click Confirm to confirm your selection.

Note that it's not recommended to enter a comment on this pop-up window. Any comments entered here will be added to the Workflow Details for the form, but may be overlooked by business analysts and other functional users who review the form.

confirmation of approval

9. You will see another pop-window when your approval has been successfully submitted. Click OK. You're done!

submitted message

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